Homage to our Planet Earth

I doff my cap to the BBC’s stunning series called ‘Frozen Planet’ (Catch up on Iplayer) which has captured the extreme frozen poles in a fantastic deluge of picture-perfect realism and told it like it is, approach.

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKThe program’s approach to dealing with the effects, causes and irrefutable proof of our planet changing and changing fast.

The thin slither of gas which encompasses the giant rock we call home while poisoned slowly, and the symptoms of fever like a state are beginning to emerge. Just like our immune system, the earth is starting to fight back through heat generation.

It’s incredible how the life-giving planet acts just like our body’s immune systems so when under threat from micro-organisms (which is what we are in planetary terms) it too turns up the heat to try and destroy the problem. Unfortunately, we are the problem.

A moment to ponder.

The fight for human civilisation’s won.
The challenge of keeping it has just begun.
How smart, we walk the earth on wheels.
A journey we take and take and take.
I am sorry for generations to come, we forsake.

We inherited the garden, but even believers destroy his Eden.
Presidents and leaders deceive us, but we know.
Corporations and business pretend to be eco, but we know.
Species die, for this, I sigh, looking at an ordinary guy.

With business, as usual, I wonder.
When nature, raped and pillaged, so cruel, but no fool.
Will decide, our party is over, we loathe her.
A car too far, our actions, her reactions.
Governments will fail, our society will frail
What will we do?

For the generations to come.
An apology in advance, for not taking a stance.
For not doing more, as we learn, what’s in store.
These children we raise will suffer far more.
Humanity duelled, with this garden so cruel.
But when it’s too late, will we realise our fate.
Blame men for power, no actions, her reactions.
When it’s too late, our climate will anger.
Humanities fate, only our children, will know.

Stuart Lovatt 2012.

"Go your own energy way."


Stuart Lovatt 2011-12-08
Founder of Power My Home.