A sense of the common good

An open letter to the Green parties of the world.

After the appointment of Natalie Bennett of the United Kingdom’s Green Party, I feel I speak for many when I see an opportunity to do the right thing.

Changing the seemingly impossible is possible.

Changing the seemingly impossible is possible.

Apart from a very loud vocal minority, most people are convinced that our climate has changed for the worse as a result of human activities. Most people given a chance to do the right thing would do just that, but often mainstream party politics do not have any alternatives.

The problem comes from the green party having an image problem, which is preventing most people from taking them seriously. The clue is in the name, “The Green” Party. Green politics is still perceived as sandal-wearing wishful thinking and does not encourage average families to adopt a greener way of thinking.

I hope by writing this letter, the green party can take positive steps in making the difference it was initially set up to do.

A change from “the Green Party” to a more identifiable one is essential for the party to be fit for purpose. I propose changing your name to the “Preservation Party” to reflect better the nature of what it is aiming to achieve.

Preservation of our home world’s vast natural resources has to be the kingpin of their campaign.
Without this basic model, everything else is pointless. Only by aiming to protect what we have already, can your campaigns be taken seriously by the general public.

One easy to understand the principle, and as simple and easy to understand as “votes for women” will make your objectives more comfortable to embrace for the average families who want to protect the natural world for their children.

The common good within most human beings is just as durable today, as in the suffragette era, but the image portrayed by “Green” politics is holding back the party to help do the right thing.

The necessary momentum for, “a preservation-based economy” is possible and appropriate, if our children are too not inherit a dying world.

Real change, not party politics change, is wanted for by most and just bubbling under the surface worldwide.

The time is right for a movement to begin under the banner of “preservation”.
A real deeper shade of green is possible but without the tired old green image of the past.

A civilisation waking up to the consequences of its actions

Our political leaders may still have their heads in the 20th-century world of economics, but I feel a new acknowledgement of our impact, by the perpetual growth machine that is our current economy is having in the 21st-century.

If at any time in history when the Green Party messages heard loud and crystal clear that time is now. Even people in industrial countries will begin to suffer from the consequences of global heating as now food prices start to experience.

Walking by a local farm this weekend, I noticed the state of the crops this year, due to the erratic nature of our new weather systems. This situation will create further misery for the average person on the street, now and more so in the future.

Once the masses have felt and experienced the real consequences of climatic change, i.e. in their pockets and their ability to feed themselves, I think the floodgates of change will render traditional growth based politics as idiotic as Screaming Lord Sutch himself.

The current greed-based economy is held together by the middle classes propping up the smaller numbered wealthy classes. As soon as the middle classes are affected by global food shortages, then the house of cards will genuinely fall.

Let’s hope the world wakes up before the year on years of crop failures have a much more significant effect on our society’s bonding glue.

Preservation of existing virgin forests can only be the first and most sensible way of turning this Titanic problem around. Once this is secured, can we then set to undo the damage of humanity’s past?

Green party, your time has come, but you’re too quiet and too stigmatised by your image to be currently used in your campaigns.

I feel the common good is still, but I think we are waiting for a spark to ignite a change to real greener political change.

A movement is brewing and its got your new name written all over it.

"Go your own energy way."


Stuart Lovatt 2012-09-05
Founder of Power My Home.