Solar panels and independence

Today, the White House has been equipped with PV solar panels.

The beauty with PV.

This is symbolic for the American people looking for independence in an energy-hungry world.

This also promotes their fledgling photovoltaic solar industry.

The US has finally vindicated my decade-long pursuit of a solar-paneled world.

Unbelievably, this isn’t the first time the White House has installed solar panels.

In 1979 under the Jimmy Carter administration, solar heating panels were installed to provide water heating.

We commonly think of PV systems when solar panels are mentioned, but before the generation tariffs were introduced, in 2009, solar heating was widely installed.

Unfortunately, the administration of Ronald Reagan was instrumental in getting the panels removed.

Now forty years later, we live in a world of peak oil, fracking, and looming wars over oil resources.

The solar technology critic came about because of subsidies.

Currently, PV export tariffs allow adopters to be paid for the surplus.

Traditional power generation and fossil fuel exploration have been supported for the last fifty years.

The big difference here is that solar panel subsidies will go down year on year as take-up rises – the opposite is true with declining fossil fuels.

Nobody is saying solar panels will entirely replace oil and gas, but this technology will continue to look even more favorably with every passing year.

To finally appreciate this technology 100-year-old technology and the beginning of a solar-enhanced century.

Solar pioneers embrace alternative technologies to reduce dependence and promote energy independence.

A growing minority, do consider the possibility that high-priced oil may just be around the corner.

Knowledge is power, and this has never rung so true as it does with this subject.

The world’s energy companies are struggling to uphold the status quo. Not only that, the early rumblings of new energy-related wars are already stirring. And we all know the US loves its energy wars!

A point will come when energy is unaffordable to most, but the most wealthy.

Solar panels aren’t the answer to such problems, but at least self-generating, will put you in a better position.

It’s time to invest in your household independence.

Stuart Lovatt 2014-05-20