Germany’s pioneering PV solar panel story

“A farmer once said to me “if I live on a windy hill, it’s crazy not to have the wind generate my power.”

A solar-powered century is within our grasp.

A solar-powered century is within our grasp.

It’s that level of common sense that will project solar technology forward in the next decade, despite Cameron and Osborne’s outdated and somewhat secret agenda.

30% of Germany’s electricity output is produced using PV solar panels (photovoltaic). The same northern European country with the same type of climate as the UK.

Additionally, the German take-up of solar panel technology has been so successful that it reached grid-parity in 2014, which was five years earlier than was initially expected.

When you hear someone say “solar panels don’t work well in the UK”, then they are either ignorant or are financially allied with the fossil fuel industry in some way shape or form.

These simple facts are proof that solar panels are going to play a big part of the overall energy mix, and only political misrepresentation is now standing in the way for the UK to join Germany’s pioneering progress.

In fact, Germany’s so good at producing electricity via solar panels that complaints from other European nations heard because they continually export power, despite recently and wisely shutting down their nuclear capabilities after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

The numbers are impressive, and our foreign-owned energy companies know this and their continued lobbying to put a halt to the UK’s own solar panels take-up success story has temporarily succeeded.

However, it’s temporary because as a nation, our current crop of politicians is swimming against the global tide of alternative technology adoption.

If you live on a windy hill, then there is a technology to reduce your dependence on failing energy industry, likewise, if you live on a planet bathed in solar-radiation every day, then solar panels make sense.

Like a heroin dealer, only those with a vested interest in keeping you hooked on their stuff will argue differently!

Fossil fuel investments are a fool’s gold

Solar panels have now become ‘cool’ because they have joined the ranks of rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop and the rave culture. The establishment doesn’t want you to have them.

Alongside the global transition toward alternative technologies is the increasingly widespread movement for disinvestment on fossil fuel investment opportunities. If your pension, stock market assets are dependent, then long-term you’re on a slippery slope.

Today, petrochemical companies have begun to acknowledge the global warming issue. The Climate change phrase was adopted by media to make it sound less harmful and more palatable, then you know there has been a seismic shift in our cultural paradigm.

In fact, I view the deliberate sabotage of the UK’s solar industry as that moment in the 1930s, when our Prime Minister Chamberlain came back from a meeting with Hitler. Waving a piece of paper and declaring he had solved the political tensions of that time.

A moment in time that history has seen as incompetence and that piece of paper is our current Prime Minister’s plans for fracking is obsolete before the ink has even dried on the page.

The answer, as it was in Germany in the 1930s was not more of the same. The solution was a push for new technology that we all still benefit from today.

Germany today is still the technological leader as it was then. Our bumbling leadership, as then, cannot grasp the real scale of what’s coming ahead (as then).

As geopolitical tensions around the world once again heat up, the simple question you need to ask yourself is; do you want your family dependent on energy policies that are fundamentally unsustainable, dependent on unstable tyrannical regimes, but ultimately poisoning our planet’s ability to be habitable.

Today our generational legacy has the opportunity to change the paradigm our situation within a single decade and follow Germany’s pioneering lead.

Generation ‘green’ is inevitable, the challenge is – can we do it in a single decade. Let’s make our history. Solar panels will be the BMW, Audi and VW’s of our time.

Reducing national and personal demand for energy through alternative technologies would be a more significant achievement than putting a man on the moon, tearing down the iron curtain and even better than the creation of the ‘package holiday’.

And can someone please stop Mr Cameron waving his equally absurd piece of paper around. He just looks foolish and corrupted.

The planet is in real trouble, and they want more of the same! Common sense dictates that you cannot solve a problem by continuing to do the very thing that caused it in the first place.

If the last century taught us anything, it’s that social change in Britain comes from people wanting to get one over their neighbours. Solar panels will be no different.

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-10-28