Germany’s PV solar panel story

If you live on a windy hill, it’s crazy not to have the wind generate power.

PV solar panel costs and prices.

Similarly, on a sunny planet, it’s crazy not to have the sun generate power.

40% of Germany’s power output is produced with PV solar panels.

It’s common sense that’ll project solar panel adoption forward.

A northern European country with a similar type of climate as us.

Additionally, the German take-up of solar panel technology has been so successful, it reached grid-parity in 2014.

That’s five years earlier than expected.

If you hear someone say “solar panels don’t work well in the UK”, then they’re either ignorant or are financially allied with the fossil fuel industry in some form.

These are proof that photovoltaic solar panels are going to play a big part in the overall energy mix.

Only homeowner perceptions of self-generation are standing in the way of the UK to join Germany’s pioneering progress.

In fact, Germany is so good at producing electricity via solar panels that other European nations are benefiting from Germany’s continual export of its solar power.

This is in addition to wisely shutting down their nuclear capabilities after Fukushima in 2011.

The adoption numbers are impressive, and the UK’s foreign-owned energy suppliers know this.

Continued lobbying to put a halt to the UK’s own solar panels adoption progress has been a battlefield between 2011-16.

Despite this, our political class is swimming against the global tide of PV solar adoption.

Therefore, I repeat, if you live in a home with a sun-drenched roof every day – solar panels make sense.

Solar panels are now cool because they’ve joined the ranks of rock ‘n’ roll.

The old establishment didn’t want the masses to have them.

This happens at a time of widespread disinvestment in fossil fuel investment opportunities.

Today, more progressive energy companies have begun to acknowledge the need for self-generation.

A seismic shift in our cultural paradigm comes with new PV export tariff offerings.

In fact, I view the deliberate sabotage of the UK’s solar industry as that moment in the 1930s, when Chamberlain came back waving a piece of paper.

A moment in time that history has seen as incompetence!

Today, the personal solution for political stupidity is installing solar panels.

Germany today is still a technological leader.

Ask yourself, do you want your family dependent on energy policies that are fundamentally unsustainable.

Today, your personal legacy has the opportunity to change the paradigm and follow Germany’s pioneering lead through the adoption of solar panels.

Solar panels are the BMW, Audi, and Mercedes of our time.

Reducing personal demand for household energy through alternative technologies is like ensuring personal safety by purchasing/leasing a higher-specification vehicle.

In the UK, social change comes from people getting one over the neighbours.

Solar panels will be no different!

Stuart Lovatt 2015-10-28