Fracking illustrates energy desperation

They say ignorance is bliss, and it was, but now the signs that we are on the wrong side of our civilisation’s peak are everywhere.

The road ahead is directed by signs.

The road ahead is directed by signs.

The first word on this web site’s home page is “preparing”! I created this site as news that the North Sea oil and gas fields had ‘peaked in its products’ capabilities.

The chancellors recent ‘incentives and subsidies’ for the small-scale oil and gas companies, to tap into the last of the smaller oil fields (deemed uneconomic to the big exploration companies) is extremely telling.

Most signs that reveal our way of life is in trouble are subtle, some you have to read between the lines, but generally speaking, most people choose to ignore them.

An even more telling sign of our country’s desperation to keep the lights on at any cost comes from the ironically named Environment Agency. Chris Smith, whose recent input into the fracking debate was to allow the controversial drilling practice into ecologically sensitive areas such as our National Parks.

As the National Parks were designated to protect the most beautiful areas of our nation, then the only reason our government would allow industrial-scale fracking to go ahead in these areas – would be desperation.

If shale gas production did go ahead in these protected regions, then this would undoubtedly be the most significant sign that our nation is in real dire straits.

Contrary to popular belief, governments are very good at keeping the truth from us, but their intentions hint at problems the rest of the population is not supposed to know.

But, now I see the signs that globally, energy desperation is setting in.

A major signal that global superpowers are beginning to manoeuvre themselves for the last of the world’s most comfortable to reach oil reserves is with China and Russia recently uniting. The signs show that government trade deals, current and future conflicts will have energy control at their core.

Holding up a placard in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia who is investing 100 billion dollars in becoming self-sufficient with renewable energy. The most significant oil field in the world is no longer confident in its ability to keep up demand, and this is a big sign there most prominent earning capacity has peaked.

Richard Branson among other high-profile business leaders is predicting a ‘crunch’ time in the United Kingdom within the next few years. They realise that a nation doesn’t have to run out of supplies, only a suggestion of a nation’s inability to meet demand can create social and market problems.

But, when you genuinely know what to look for, ‘the thin black line’ (as I call it) is as delicate, if not more so’, as ‘the thin blue line’ that holds our modern society together. London’s recent purchase of crowd control water cannons holds up a sign for this.

Unfortunately, we as individuals cannot influence the world’s energy markets, but we can take responsibility for our household requirements. As the signs around us look increasingly against our ability to power our homes cheaply, our only option today is to look at alternative technologies for the longer term.

The feed-in tariffs for solar panels that are currently on offer, maybe the last chance for homeowners to gain financial help from the government coffers as these energy problems unfold.

Just like fracking in National Parks, later adopters will install out of necessity. Comparatively, solar technology pioneers today, do so through wisdom and proper planning for the future.

The signs are not good, but there is hope

The media is telling us the economy is growing. Great! But what they are not telling us that this growth was artificially induced by pumping money (QE) at the problem. Like a drug addict taking more and more to stay high, both situations will end in tragedy.

The critical problem here is the Baby Boomer generated economy is a waning year on year, and with no up and coming generation with spending ability to replace them (due to debt and high living costs), the economy can never return to true stability as we knew it.

The threat of the real western economic crash occurring is not a case of if, but when?

All this is happening in the background of global powers looking to replace the current US-based petrodollar with their controlling currency.

This outlook is the real reason why the US and our government is determined to become self-sufficient through fracking extraction. The control of the petrol-currency is the ultimate goal of those who have been aggressively pursuing global power through control of resources over the last couple of decades.

Nobody can deny that western wealth has moved from west to east, but what is driving the acceleration of the current London property boom? Wealthy people worldwide are buying up assets that will survive this looming economic crash. Wealth on paper may not endure, but the assets will!

The signs show us that we find ourselves on the wrong side of peak oil, economic failure and the global energy wrangling that are now against us.

Our world will be a less cosy and a less beautiful place to live, as necessity desperately destroys the last of our beautiful countryside, to keep the engine burning.

Sparing our National Parks from the curse of industrial Shale Gas extraction, now depends on its residents, but the mass adoption of solar panels may be the only way of defending these last frontiers of our national love for these nature reserves.

As governments prepare long-term war game strategies, individuals are taking the lead on their own, and current global figures for solar panel take-up is now hinting that old fossil fuel power stations will one day become uneconomical.

Solar panels are a real crowdsourcing way of changing the future.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-07-09