Fracking demonstrates desperation

Signs that we’re on the wrong side of the peak are everywhere!

The road ahead is directed by signs.

I created this resource because the North Sea fields had peaked!

The chancellor’s recent ‘subsidies’ to tap into the last of the smaller oil fields is telling.

Such fields deemed uneconomic to exploration companies!

The signs that reveal our way of life is in trouble are subtle and most people choose to ignore them.

Very telling was fracking being allowed with controversial drilling practice in ecological sensitive areas.

Sensitive areas such as National Parks are protected, then the only reason government would allow industrial-scale fracking to go ahead in these areas – is desperation!

This shale-gas exploration went ahead in such areas, a significant sign that our nation is in dire straits.

Governments are very good at keeping the truth from us, but their intentions hint at problems the rest of the population is not supposed to know.

But, now I see the signs that globally, energy desperation is settling in!

Global superpowers are beginning to maneuver themselves for the last of the world’s easy-to-reach oil reserves.

Saudi Arabia is investing 200 billion dollars in PV solar panels to become self-sufficient.

The most significant oil producer in the world isn’t confident in its ability to keep up with demand.

Richard Branson is predicting an energy crunch in the United Kingdom.

This is more than a suggestion of our nation’s inability to meet demand.

The thin black line (as I call it) is a delicate ability to hold modern society together. London’s recent purchase of crowd control water cannons holds up a sign of this.

We as individuals cannot influence the world’s energy markets, but we can take responsibility by self-generating.

Our ability to power our homes cheaply, looking at alternative technologies for the longer-term is sensible.

The PV export tariffs for solar panels is an opportunity to gain independence as energy expenditure unfolds.

Comparatively, solar technology pioneers today, are planning for the future.

Wealthy people are buying up assets that will survive today’s economic crash.

Wealth on paper may not endure, but the assets will!

More ordinary individuals are taking the lead with photovoltaic solar panels.

These solar panels are a way of taking responsibility for a household’s future expenditure.

Stuart Lovatt 2014-07-09