Frack-off with lobbyist-based policies

This is the week that alternative energy technologies provided more than half of the UK’s electricity for the first time.

The will of the people to keep fracking out of the United Kingdom.

The will of the people to keep fracking out of the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the spotlight shone on energy policies benefiting lobbyists and not ‘The Will of the People’.

There is a difference between hearing the electorate and listening.

The North of England has categorically voted to resist the fracking intentions of corporate lobbyists who’ve attempted to force this vile extraction technique onto the British landscape, despite strong opposition by ‘The People’.

My own local Labour MP Chris Matheson grew his vote from 93 to and additional 9,176 votes, because the people of Chester said ‘NO’ to fracking.

The deliberate sculpture of national energy policies to curtail us from progressing away from a ‘centralised energy model’ to a ‘self-generation’ model is now apparent.

Additionally, The Sun, Daily Mail, Express and other ‘hate-speech’ publications have finally exposed as the corporate propaganda machines they always were.

The thing that should come out of this election process is that people-based policies over lobbyist-based policies broke through.

The hold that greedy press barons have on the nation’s minds are finally diminishing.

Will the last person to read The Sun, please turn out the lights!

Technologically, the United Kingdom today is now a decade behind in its progression towards a ‘generate-your-own energy model’ that the rest of the world is adopting.

The sabotage of the alternative energy industries was aimed at pleasing lobbyists and had nothing to do with saving people money on their energy bills.

The lies that were aimed at the green energy industry within those gutter publications over the last few years was as equal and disturbing as that was intended by Mr Corbyn.

What is not being reported is the resounding ‘No’ that the people of the North of England have given to the prospect of fracking in their areas by voting for Labour.

I hope traditional media are now beginning to die out; far the light has been shown on these hate-filled and corrupted publications.

From this day forward, political policies have to revolve around the ‘benefit of the country’ and not golden-handshake seeking lobbyists.

Fifty years from today, PV solar panels installed yesterday, will still be generating electricity for the homeowner. That’s forty years after the fracking industries have devastated and left the ground they worked on, toxic.

Now that’s real ‘cheap’ clean energy that when deployed on a nationwide scale, will transform our economy as ‘the people’ are finally untethered and contributing towards the ‘national’ grid. More importantly, they’re spending what they used to spend on high energy costs into the broader economy instead.

Suddenly, this socialist approach to energy is keeping capitalism afloat – crazy world.

The days of media barons dictating energy policy to Prime Ministers are coming to an end as ‘the crazy’ energy policies of the last few decades are exposed.

The Conservative Party needs to Frack-off with its antiquated energy policies and apparent anti-green agenda. Time to move the country forward technologically and begin to play catch-up with Germany once and for all.

“The will of the people” mantra was repeated time and time again after the EU referendum, and that has now come back to bite Ms May’s anti-social policies on the bum.

Obnoxious energy policies and toxic fumes emitted from the press are no longer welcome in the United Kingdom today.

Ignoring the youth vote is no longer an option

A significant shift of power has taken place from Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond and Paul Dacre to social media and the young. You don’t run the UK anymore. Get the message!

Our young people and their future can no longer be ignored. Finally, they are a welcome force in British politics, that’s not been seen since the 1960s. The youth vote will become even stronger over time too.

Love him or hate him, Corbynism will inevitably get stronger as the grey vote departs and the right-wing press influence disappears.

As I explained to my 18-year-old nephew. You get paid less, have fewer rights and are about to lose the benefits of EU membership because young people before you didn’t vote.

A politics that deliberately bulldoze over the young finally died in the 2017 election.

Now the young are back in the game, political appeasement and longer-term national strategies will become inevitable as a result.

They’ll build again with their vision, and I for one am excited to see the possibilities – now their minds are free.

The future now belongs to the young; as it should have always been!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2017-06-12
Founder of Power My Home.