Forget European history at our peril

Last updated on November 22nd, 2018 at 10:04 am

“Western culture has lost its mind” – Vladimir Putin.

Welcome to feminist reality.

Smart-Grid or die.

Russia prevented Syria from flying the Black Flag contrary to our indoctrination.

The West encouraged it with Saudi Arabian influence!

Let’s put this into historical context.

Christendom of olde has fallen under harsh Middle Eastern rule several times throughout history.

A cultural war between East and West has been raging for over one thousand years.

How or why did we forget in the West?

A newly oil-enriched Saudi Arabia; certainly didn’t.

“Goodbye” is a contraction of the phrase “God be with you”.

This was used by our Christian forebears who were brave enough to venture out of the safety of the ancient City Walls.

Today, Sweden and Swedish women are too afraid to walk the streets, the most Feminist country in the world is now paying the price for its historical amnesia and complacency.

The United Kingdom is also heading towards this situation.

Cultural tensions never went away and have existed between East and Western cultures since before the fall of Roman Constantinople (Today’s Istanbul).

The threat to Caucasian people today is entirely connected to our energy policies.

I now see the bright light of two thousand years of civilisation building and the freedoms of its people slipping away into the night of religious intolerance.

A new dark age is creeping over the entirety of Europe.

We must now bear the burden of realizing what you’ve been conditioned to believe for so long were comfortable ideas and loving expectations but ultimately liabilities.

Call them lies if you want, but there’s a certain hopelessness that comes with what amounts to hard-fought freedoms slipping away with persecution just visible on the horizon like Spanish galleons on the South American coastline.

Saudi Arabia has been quietly using our unquenchable thirst for energy against us. They didn’t forget 1500 years of cultural conflict – we did.

Not everyone who shakes your hand is your friend; not everyone who bestows home truths is your enemy.

Middle Eastern aggression towards non-believers has mainly been forgotten in Europe Feminist countries. And that complacency will once again see Rome fall – figuratively.

It’s all merely a matter of time and breeding and with western women choosing to terminate the next generation, this will only accelerate the Caucasian race’s demise.

Today, South African white farmers are now experiencing what its like to be a minority race within a pool of historical hatred.

My generation was the last generation of kids that could be free to play outside without a parental escort. Today’s generation of Feminist women could be the last to walk the streets in safety alone.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Today, we don’t have City Walls to protect our women and children. The largest and longest-serving slave-driven empire known to humankind was in the Middle East. An accolade that made the Atlantic slave-trade look like a weekend village fete.

Whether ladies admit there mistake or not, there delusional Feminist movement has doomed future Caucasian women to be farmed like animals for an unquenchable future sex trade.

Let that sink in for a moment too.

The once proud Viking-nation of Sweden is already realising the mistake of not putting 1400 years of religious conflict into modern day context.

When you honestly look at the historical data, it’s a miracle that Europe (and women) have enjoyed the freedom’s they’ve had over the last thousand years.

I’m no fan of Trump, but for those that don’t understand his popularity? Maybe they see something you don’t.

Middle Eastern culture is quietly expanding for its future generations while Western cultures gorge to appease ungrateful Radical Feminist without regard for the planet or even their own children’s survival.

My agenda here is to build towards a PV-enhanced civilisation. Quietly expanding to become an essential feature in the human story regardless of any future regime change.

The biosphere deserves to survive even if the Christian Kingdom’s don’t.

I may not agree with what you have to say

However, I’ll defend your right to say it.

This is the key difference between opposing cultures and why European culture has a fundamental disadvantage.

Today, the clash of cultures is Radical Feminism against Radical Islam.

In the scope of the universal laws, Feminism goes against the grain and that’s why it’s only considered temporary and easily manipulated by Saudi money.

God tells Adam and Eve, but more specifically to Eve:

“I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow, thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee” (Genesis 3:16-19. KJV).

Feminism goes against laws of nature and even God himself.

Our reliance on Saudi Arabia for energy has given our old adversary a nitro-enriched, fuel-injected boost towards a longstanding conflict of ideas that ultimately wants to wipe out ‘freedom of thought’ worldwide.

Let that sink in too.

Even Turkey’s President Erdogan famously said, “Use the womb as a weapon”.

All the great social reforms of Western culture’s last 50 years, the acceptance of single parenthood, the availability of contraceptives and abortion, easy divorces etc. Liberated women from a prospective life of domestic drudgery or dead-end jobs, trapped in a dull monogamous relationship and condemned to the long hard slog of child-rearing, well guess what? They liberated men too.

Simple mathematics will do the rest.

All the countless trillions spent on military and defence spending is a joke when western-hating cultures enter through the castles trade entrance.

Sweden today, demonstrates Feminism will be extinguished, and the freedoms many women have taken for granted will disappear – forever.

Sadly, the Caucasian race is on the wrong side of history and heads will roll (literally) on Town Hall steps across the country probably within only a couple of generations.

History demonstrates that the fragile torch of liberty has to be protected.

The traditional Ministry of Defense failed us. We need a Ministry of Energy 2.0 if the weakening torch of Caucasian culture and freedom isn’t going to turn into a blip within Islamic history.

Had the Caucasian races pursued a technical advantage using PV solar panels and other alternative technology’s soon after the space race of the 1960s, then Saudi Arabia’s influence on the geopolitical landscape would be small.

Saudi influence denied Global Warming for so long and used its marriage to the media industry to distract us from the most obvious. Still today, people walk this Earth in denial.

The more temperate regions of Europe must look very tempting if you’re experiencing extreme temperatures like Saudi Arabia today.

Is there still time to save the European Caucasian Kingdoms? Sweden is on a precipice today and will be a precursor to this historical Feminist experiment that sowed the seeds of its demise.

Historically, Christians living in the Middle East over the last 1400 years didn’t fare too well.

What price will be paid for our oil-burning addiction as wave after wave of people fleeing climatic change and water shortage begin to change the face of Europe – literally and figuratively?

Christendom will once again pay the price for its complacency.

Western Christendom arrogantly and stupidly thought of history as being in the past, yet we now see that it’s probing tentacles reach far into our future.

Every Feminist country is dying today funded by Saudi Arabian money. Sadly, Feminism is extinguishing the freedom that it relies upon to thrive. Inconveniently, the ladies are bringing us all down.

Dare I say it; Feminism goes against Mother Nature.

Looking forward, in another half-century, Feminism will be dead and in another thousand years, the last remaining stronghold for the Caucasian race within the Eurasian continent will likely be Russia and China.

China today is going all out for energy independence with alternative technologies, so both cultures will be energy independent long-term.

Additionally, both are intolerant of cultures that are intolerant of their own and well-aware of the history of their current existence.

Ultimately, The Caucasian banking families have watched their indoctrination techniques through religion and media erode away over the decades, and so are quite happy to replace The Caucasian Race through immigration, austerity and anti-family policies delivered via Feminism activism.

However, they haven’t factored-in that religious fanatics will come for them eventually too, and the Saudi Empire will rule Eurasia in a time of climatic extremes.

Anti-renewable energy policies displayed by our government is clear confirmation of our new Saudi rulers intent, who ironically are investing $200 billion in solar energy.

Saudi’s investing in their own strength whilst influencing us to become weak!

Welcome to reality.


"Forward with confidence."
August 30, 2018
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