Installing photovoltaic panels

Let’s explain why photovoltaic solar panels are cool, even here in Britain?

The beauty with PV.

Solar panels have been appearing on homes all over Britain.

The decision to purchase was helped by the export tariff scheme introduced in 2010.

The decision to purchase was helped by fear of escalating energy prices today and in the future.

The nutty era of gobsmacking energy costs is coming to an end for solar PV adopters.

The underlying reason for this adoption of PV solar panel technology began in 2008.

The golden era of cheap energy was a thing of the past recognition. You didn’t need a crystal ball to predict that energy bills will continue to climb year-upon-year, decade-by-decade.

The export tariff began to reward PV adopters, so people can smugly sit back and watch your savvy investment reap the rewards.

In the earliest days of the feed-in tariff, we had to explain the benefits before each installation.

Today, people have woken up to the energy burn premium expense that is modern life.

The message is loud and clear, cushion your household from the world of global geopolitical energy pricing.

The benefits of solar panels are now plain to see with two-grand energy expenditure on the horizon.

A Longevity of twenty-five to thirty years makes an investment great for your wallet – long-term.

Solar panels make a massive difference to the final outcome that is your energy bill.

The simplicity of a PV solar system is part of its appeal boasting 70,000 installations in the last year.

Photovoltaics are installed with minimum fuss with world-leading regulations and installer accreditations.

Generation output will vary depending on the size installed and geographical location.

The current generation tariff is averaging 5.44 pence per kWh.

A photovoltaic system will become an essential tool in an ever-escalating energy-poor world.

Simply fit and forget.

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-11-10