Feeling depressed? It could be worse, you could be taking antidepressants!

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It’s no longer the 1970s, the 1980s flew by and the 1990s was just a blur, but recently the pharmaceutical industry, has released a whole array of new medicines for life’s up’s, but more specifically it downs?

It's easier to build strong children than repair broken adults.

It’s easier to build strong children than repair broken adults.

Why are corporations encouraging fear in the population for standard adult social fears?

Now the kids are put to bed, we grownups need to understand that depression is a standard life infliction, inflicting everyone at least some stage of life. Nobody escapes, not the rich or the poor.

Depression is actually anger turned inwards.

I see the reasons so clearly today as I watch my son grow-up. The continued bombardment of seriously smart marketing that links ‘well-being’ with ‘materialism’. The amount of exposure to marketing has increased since I was a kid. Additionally, governments also encourage self-loathing to help drive through their anti-social policies.

Despite this, social engineering, if people still want to take antidepressants, then they should at least do it with eyes wide open. Millions of people put faith in them without doing their homework and knowing how the system of diagnosis works.

And there’s the kicker!

Psychologists rightly or wrongly claim over 300 different psychological and personality disorders that they regularly use to diagnose people and medicate for. There are no actual diagnostic tests for them!

All designed to help the pharmaceutical industry sell their range of medications.

People, sold a dream that ‘popping pills’ will melt away life’s problems, alongside teenagers who are now storing up future health and possible mental issues by over-consuming energy drinks too. Two generations of adults today sold a ‘remedy’ that causes more problems than it solves.

Another medical fact that your doctor won’t tell you is that except antibiotics, the majority of pharmaceuticals don’t cure anything. All they do is reduce symptoms and probably cause new health problems if taken long-term.

I understand that social, parental and work life pressures for many are merely unbearable in this now broken society, but unfortunately, the antidepressant industry does not have your long-term health at heart.

If you truly want to beat depression, then challenging yourself mentally to achieve small goals and giving your body the correct levels of nutrients can do more for your mental health than dehumanising drugs. Learn more at: Critical Health News.

I once asked a highly positioned individual why the poor get poorer and rich get richer. His answer surprised me by his honesty when he said:

“The working classes don’t challenge the political system that keeps them down, but the wealthy have a vested interest in preserving their wealth, so they fight tooth and nail with the passion for supporting political parties that will do just that.”

Learn to direct the vast amounts of energy that you have not inwards, but outward towards a purpose, a common goal and feel part of a greater fight bigger than yourself. A fight that may not directly benefit yourself, but may benefit your children, the animal kingdom or simply the local community.

During my darkest days, I volunteered for a local animal charity, and it led to me creating Heat my Home further down my timeline. Merely having a purpose is better than anything your doctor can prescribe you.

Antidepressants numb the soul and de-focus your mind and I assume that corporations deliberately want to ‘medicate’ us to prevent opposition to today’s increasingly debt-based economic servitude.

What I’ve found most surprising about life is that people I thought to be the most confident, popular and outgoing have also battled with anxiety and depression through stages of their lives too.

I believe that most people prescribed antidepressants, don’t need them.

For a crazy world; not a crazy mind

I firmly believe there are fifty shades of the human mind.

If a person’s mind is unable to conform to a ‘narrow band of tolerance’ that is required to live in today’s modern world, then you’re likely to be medicated or self-medicated.

Another problem is the adverse psychological effect of the “because I’m worth it” society that force-feeds us to comply with fashion, technology and lifestyle.

The simple act of physiologically letting go of these social demands and changing priorities in life can be exhilarating and can relieve the heavy burden that this society puts upon us. More importantly, demonstrating to our children the lessons we learn can hopefully prevent our kids from falling victim to this debt-enslaved world.

I continually ‘shout from the rooftops’ about the freedom and independence that comes with installing solar panels today. The sense of pride that comes from generating your power and heat for free is my way of relieving dependence on a system that cares little for our kids future.

A sense of a greater good is what gets me out of bed in the mornings. The numbness, the daze and the lack of focus that comes with antidepressants is not an option for me.

A day lost becomes a week. Weeks become years and before we know it!

It’s easier to forgive yourself; than it is to hate others for life’s down curves.

Stay away from the tabloid crap, reality TV, daily news channels feeding your fear and despair. Lulling your consciousness into a materialistic slumber that’s only useful for selfish gain and the ego massage, which is ultimately an illusion that will never be satisfied no matter what you buy.

Gratification is impermanent, so don’t buy stuff that you don’t need, don’t hate people that you don’t know, and most importantly, don’t spend your precious time on The Earth consuming garbage styled as ‘mind’ medicine.

Always remember, this economic system has to keep selling ‘you’ stuff to survive and they’re willing to get ‘you in debt’ to do so.

Education doesn’t end when you leave school, and I’ve found self-education and exercise is the key to self-empowerment, rather than just continually consuming to appease the human problem of self-doubt.

My final thought is that addiction to gaming is also an unrecognised mental health problem of our time. Remember, nobody on their deathbed ever wished they had one more day of gaming!

New paradigms come from understanding the old.


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July 28, 2016
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