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The buzz about PV solar panels

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Wouldn’t it be good if, instead of paying high prices for your domestic or commercial power, you were able to generate most of your energy and your energy supplier paid you for the full amount that you produce?

There's nothing more powerful than when PV solar technologies time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV solar technologies time has come.

The buzz about PV solar panels (photovoltaic) came since the government introduced the feed-in tariffs scheme last year.

The idea of solar panels being used to generate power for your home or business can now be a reality for the majority of homeowners and companies and is now available throughout the United Kingdom.

PV solar panels are a thriving industry now. Homeowners are now starting to understand the financial benefits of solar technologies, including solar heating panels, including the money they are likely to save on their heating bills. (more…)

How PV solar panels and cells work?

Friday, May 27th, 2011

PV (photovoltaic) solar panels use rows of solar cells, made of a semiconductor material that reacts with sunlight to produce an electric current.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV’s time has come.

This electricity is then distributed around the property to power appliances and lighting, or if surplus to requirement, it is sold to the National Grid network.

The solar cells are the power stations of every PV system.


PV solar panels help sell a property

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

PV solar panels (photovoltaic) have had an unexpected benefit. They increase the value and sell-ability of your home.

The PV solar panel apocalypse in the UK between 2012 and 2018.

This situation only applies if you install the solar panels yourself. Companies which offer free PV solar panels, and rent your roof space, will have the opposite effect.

You do need to make sure that you own the PV solar panels because solar panels offered by a free solar panels company will quickly become a white elephant for anyone selling a property which has solar panels held by a third party.

A PV solar panel installation makes a house more desirable to any future home buyers if it is part of the property than one with free solar panels, which is not. Also, estate agents have seen averagely priced properties with solar installed selling for up to 5-10% more than properties without PV solar panels.


Install PV solar panels today

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

PV solar panel (photovoltaic) installations are growing with the feed-in tariff scheme, but why?

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV’s time has come.

Global oil prices hit a two year high yesterday, with warnings that the soaring cost of raw materials could put the brakes on the U.K’s economic recovery.

Solar panel installations are growing with the feed-in tariff scheme, but why?

Crude oil pushed above $120 a (46.6p) per barrel after concerns that continued fighting in Libya, unrest in Yemen, forthcoming elections in Nigeria, one of the world’s biggest producers and the prospect of a resurgent US economy would put pressure on supplies.


A German PV solar revolution

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Germany is the world leader in the implementation of PV solar panels (photovoltaic) into its everyday infrastructure.

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKIn fact, it was a train journey to Salzburg in 2003 which persuaded me that PV solar panels were the future, to quote a horrible cliche.

They were everywhere, and so after getting home and researching why, I found that Germany had, in fact, been promoting solar panels through their pioneering feed-in tariff scheme since 1997.

The German solar panel market remains the most exciting in the world, with success forming the blueprint for countries like the UK today. (more…)

Next-generation PV solar panels

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

In a time before the credit crunch and long time before the feed-in tariffs made PV solar panels (photovoltaic) on your home a very attractive proposition, I began promoting the benefits of solar for one very simple reason.

The PV solar panel apocalypse in the UK between 2012 and 2018.

I believe we should leave our planet in a right, healthy way for the next generation. Our children! And waiting for the politicians to fix this one, well it just isn’t going to happen.

Since I was a child, humanity has learned many new things, such as Star Trek communicators are possible; planets exist around other stars.

Additionally, Pluto isn’t a planet at all, but the most important of our newly acquired universal knowledge is that our home planet is a living, breathing, self-regulating and prone to sickness, ill health and even death when compared to our planetary neighbours. (more…)

PV solar panels in the United Kingdom

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

UK householders still have reservations about the effectiveness of PV solar panels (photovoltaic) in the UK climate.

Solar panels effectiveness in the UK.

Solar panels effectiveness in the UK.

The United Kingdom commonly experiences around 48% overcast days per year. So does this mean solar panels are useless in the winter months?

No, says Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home. A good PV solar system will still contribute on most cloudy days in Britain. This myth is a common misconception, brought about from the clunky early years of solar when technology was young.

I wouldn’t have got on a plane with the Wright brothers, but modern aeroplanes with new technology have become everyday life. The same is now happening with solar panels. (more…)

Generate an income with PV solar panels

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

A lot of people don’t believe it is reasonable to use solar technology in the UK, but that’s not the case.

Chinese solar panel farm with Panda

The Chinese are throwing down the solar pioneer gauntlet to the men of Great Britain.

Germany is the most significant market with around 40% of the world’s total and the UK has about 60% of the sunlight on average than the equator.

The solar market is vast in Germany with the UK market expected to follow over the next few years.

If you are a commercial enterprise or a homeowner with a southerly facing roof space, PV (photovoltaic) solar panels are becoming a new buzz word in the world of investment.

Planning permission has been granted to transform a former Wescott airfield into what could be the UK’s first commercial PV solar panel site.


Free PV solar panels offers

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I am considering an offer of free PV (photovoltaic) solar panels on my house. The offer seems very generous. There is no charge, a 25-year guarantee and all work involved is done by accredited installers. Is there any drawback to this type of solar panel offers?

Power My Home Solar Panels in the UK.

Yes, there are several drawbacks.

The feed-in tariff (Fit scheme), where homeowners generating their own electricity are paid by energy companies for every unit of power they feed into the national grid.

It is the Fit scheme that makes photovoltaic, solar panels worthwhile as an investment because it might earn the average solar owners around £900 a year from a £12,000 to £15,000 (around 7% return as opposed to 3% by leaving it in a bank account).

The promotional literature from these types of solar companies suggests that the average homeowner signing up for this type of rent-your-roof scheme will reduce their electricity bills by around £150 per year. (more…)