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Why install PV solar panels?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

In a verbal exchange, the wisdom of adopting solar panels was brought into question. I was unwillingly brought into this mild-mannered dispute as a third-party expert to cast a professional opinion on this particular solar panel quandary.

Don't argue about installing PV solar panels.

Don’t argue about installing PV solar panels.

Commonly known as ‘Solar Stu’ to my friends for my undiminished enthusiasm for all things solar panelled, I suppose it was this that brought about this situation, but the question posted and this couple now each stood to hope for me to back-up their point of view.

Using my best diplomatic skills and to somewhat ‘sit on the fence’, I realised that both sides of this argument were correct.

The question should be, “will a solar panel installation be affordable for your circumstance?” Affordability is subjective and differs depending on many different factors, but installing solar panels should not be undertaken if it breaks the bank. (more…)

PV solar panels are cutting edge

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Feeling inspired by the recent Channel 4 series ‘Live from space’, I remember being influenced by the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) a decade ago which ultimately contributed to my enthusiasm for PV solar panels (photovoltaic).

The PV solar panel apocalypse in the UK between 2012 and 2018.The most prestigious solar panel installation on Earth, or not, showed me that you don’t have to be connected to the grid in theory and also in practice.

Now for clarity, I am not saying every home can live off-grid solely on solar panel power alone because there are two main differences between the ISS and your semi-detached.

Firstly, on Earth we are subject to seasonal changes with below cloud-level weather differences, and in most cases, the amount of space available to accommodate solar panels is limited here on Earth.


A problem with free solar panels

Friday, January 24th, 2014

The pro’s and cons of installing ‘free’ PV solar panels (photovoltaic) to your home have furiously debated.

The industry as a whole, but there seems to be real evidence now that they may have been too good to be true for some households.

What generating free power with PV solar panels feels like?

What generating free power with PV solar panels feels like?

If you have a free system in your home, then you need to be aware of recent feedback coming through from others who installed free solar panels too.

Although we have always preached on the side of caution, the news that Natwest, Nationwide and the Yorkshire banks are not dispensing mortgages on homes with free PV solar panels could come as a shock to some. (more…)

Timing when installing PV solar panels

Friday, January 17th, 2014

The UK has reached a remarkable milestone with over half a million PV (photovoltaic) solar panel installations confirmed today, but will you be in time to benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Timing is everything when installing PV solar panels.

Timing is everything when installing PV solar panels.

Some people view others as being lucky; I say it’s all about timing and being in the right place at the right time.

If you’re reading this now, then you too can be lucky enough to be installing solar panels at just the right time.

Throughout my ten years of working with PV solar panels, I have always preached relentlessly that its best to install sooner, rather than later, but never has this been so true as it is right now. (more…)

PV solar panels are a great purchase

Monday, January 6th, 2014

If you are pondering whether to install PV solar panels (photovoltaic), then this is the time to decide and maximise your investment.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

There’s nothing more powerful than when PV’s time has come.

There are very few purchases in life which stay with you for three decades and even fewer which still benefit you, so unless you scoot down to the shops in a Austin Princess, then you will undoubtedly know what I mean.

The key to maximizing PV solar panels potential is to install early and receive the feed-in tariff while it’s still around.

The early bird catches the word and this has never been so true when discussing solar panels today.


A PV solar panel gold rush

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Just like the supermarkets a week before Christmas, the PV solar panel (photovoltaic) installation industry is now going through a frenzy of demand.

We have seen this boom and bust scenario many times since the feed-in tariffs were initially introduced in 2011, with smaller spikes in demand and seen on a regular basis.

The side of the story you don’t hear is that the reason that PV solar incentives are being reduced is that the overall costs of an average photovoltaic installation have been reducing year to year.