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PV solar panels and our civilisation

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

“Hundreds of years in the future, the oil industry will be no more than a small industry supplying lubrication products and the thought of burning it for energy will be viewed as neanderthal.”

Ensuring your children’s survival once involved appeasing the sun gods. Humanity once again needs to worship the sun.

Ensuring your children’s survival once involved appeasing the sun gods. Humanity once again needs to worship the sun.

The baby steps towards this worldview have already begun, and the oil industry has used and continue to use every dirty trick in the book to prevent this timeline from occurring.

Wrestling the power that the traditional energy industry holds over us, will be like wrestling a dangerous object from a belligerent toddler – a necessary, but a painful procedure.


The risk when installing PV solar panels

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

When I was young and stupid, I decided to show off and climb a cliff face unaided. Risky – Yes, did it end well – No. My ugly mug in the local paper was a testament to that.

Done correctly, installing PV solar panels can be risk elating.

Done correctly, installing PV solar panels can be elating.

There’s no getting away from it, life is a risky experience, and we all make mistakes. Some people go-make snap decisions, and some are meticulous and research before embarking on life-changing choices.

Wisdom is no more than your lifetime’s accumulation of mistakes and triumphs, but smart people learn from others too.

This reason is why I created Power my Home. To help people researching solar panels and who want to immerse themselves in the subject before taking the plunge. (more…)

PV solar panels and degradation

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

A common sales tactic used by salesmen within the solar industry is panel degradation. This issue should be a minimal consideration when choosing a potential installer.

Degradation is a big issue, but most new panels as I will show, have degradation rates so small that it should only be a little consideration for you, yet the overall price of the installation should be more worthy of your investigative powers.

To begin investigating the panel degradation issue, it’s important to know exactly what the terms “degradation” and/or “Power or Performance Warranties” mean. These industry terms will be used by installers and salespeople when presenting their photovoltaic systems for your consideration. (more…)

PV solar panel technology on trial

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Amazingly, many people still hold the old worldview that PV solar panels (photovoltaic) are a wasted investment both personally and nationally.

This myth has never been further from the truth, as I will prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Today I will put solar panel technology on trial.

Your honour – One of the most significant injustices that the PV solar panel industry has had to endure during its fledgeling years, is the sticky issue of subsidies. Unfortunately, it’s under attack from the mainstream media that have their agendas.

The reality is that Britain has become the world’s fifth-largest user of fossil fuels at the cost of £2.6 billion with an additional £280m in VAT tax breaks this year alone. These perverse amounts of money are never mentioned alongside the comparatively small solar energy subsidies which the media above love to complain about. (more…)

PV solar panels are real independence?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

The greatest fight for independence was the US declaration against the then oppressive rule of the British in 1765.

The White House has stood proudly as a symbol of independence – and even more so, now it has been equipped with PV solar panels (photovoltaic).

PV solar panels are a technology before its time.

PV solar panels are a technology before its time.

This move has become a renewed symbol of independence as the American people look for alternative ways to fight for energy independence in an increasingly volatile and energy-hungry world.

This statement by the US authorities of national pride in their solar panel industry while duplicated in our country and within our own lives.

The most significant power of the 20th-century has finally vindicated my decade-long pursuit of the solar-panelled dream. From the earliest days when people only saw solar technology as a ‘green statement’, to its current status as a wise person’s long-term investment. (more…)

A powerful argument for PV solar panels

Friday, April 25th, 2014

This sentence is the most profound statement I have heard over the last ten years since working on Power My Power. It now marks this point in time, in which the benefits of installing solar panels, exceed the reasons not to.

This statement came from one of our regular contributing experts within our solar enthusiasts’ forum, where the age-old question of, ‘are solar panels worth it’, occasionally gets asked.

This once common question now gets asked far less frequently than even a couple of years ago.

Since the start of the German-inspired feed-in tariff scheme (FIT), the incentive reduced to newer adopters, several times to align the reward scheme with the reducing price of an average solar panel installation today. (more…)