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Feed-in tariffs for PV solar panels

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Today, it’s been confirmed that the feed-in tariff incentive for PV solar panels (photovoltaic) is closing to new applicants on 1st April 2019 within the United Kingdom.

The march of progress with cheaper PV/EV.

The writing’s been on the Tesla PowerWall.

The incentive, first implemented as a get-you-started initiative has run its course.

This has come about because of battery storage technologies, Smart EV (electric vehicle) networks, and the lower costs of PV panels.

Proof of PV success comes with Warrington Borough Council purchasing its own solar park to help meet its energy needs.

PV solar panel gold-rush 2.0

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

The US has recently introduced tariffs on imported PV solar panels (photovoltaics).

Freedom in a PV solar-powered world.

A clear sign that their administration is cashing in on the global demand for PV.

It’s now imperative for you to install PV today before our politicians get similar ideas.

Such an implementation here would be political stupidity; as we need all the friends, we can get in a post-Brexit world.

Today, in this fledgling era of EV and PV technologies, every visit to a petrol station is a continued reminder of the futility of splashing the cash. (more…)

A PV solar industry all grown-up

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

As Britain is about to find out post-Brexit, you only see true friendships once you’re down and out.

Feel the pride that comes with nurturing and encouraging greatness in its earliest years.

Feel the pride that comes with encouraging greatness in its earliest years.

We allowed a few to manipulate the many into believing alternative technologies were useless, when in fact they’ll be our eventual salvation.

History will show that installing PV (photovoltaic) and adopting EV’s (electric vehicle) may be a more astute move pre-Brexit than post-Brexit.

Global sales of 7 million PV systems installed last year, alongside every car manufacturer rushing to release an EV model, is proof perfect that people see ‘traditional’ energy as peaked two decades ago. (more…)

Waking up with PV solar panels

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Money has no value without the bloodshed of men.

Chinese pioneering solar farm throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the world.

“On the day that British Gas yet again decided to raise its electricity prices by 12.5%, it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to adopt solar panels today.”

Last century, it was airline pilots that were the world’s game-changers and who made the girls go GaGa.

Today, it’s green energy pioneers that are now changing the world and making the girls smile. (more…)

Feudalism with PV solar panels

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

For nearly a thousand years, the energy market has been designed to rip off the common folk.

True freedom with EV and PV technologies.

From the first Middle Ages logging Barons to Industrial Revolution coal and then today’s gas and electricity network.

The system has always been rigged to make the peasant class pay a very high price to heat their homes.

Becoming independent of this energy network is far more straightforward today, than at any time in the past and that’s why our feudalist masters are so afraid of solar panels. (more…)

The war against energy freedom

Friday, January 27th, 2017

What’s amazing is that we still run our civilisation on Victorian technologies.

The war against green energy.

‘Trumponomics’ is my description of the push for Victorian-era economics in a 21st-century world.

Both the rise of Trump and Brexit were designed by those whose power and wealth depend upon a green energy revolution not occurring.

However, the majority of automobile manufacturers are on board today. The last decade’s anti-green efforts are too little, too late, and after the electrically-powered Mustang horse has already bolted.