Enlightened by my meat-eating heritage

Last updated on November 22nd, 2018 at 10:11 am

Being a grown-up means adjusting to new information.

How they treat you is how they feel about you. Period.

I have made such a change in my diet, and I only write this because I want to help others who’ve been sent down a culinary cul-de-sac by social engineering.

If you swapped butter for marge, artificial sweeteners for sugar, rub insecticide on your teeth or think solar panels are useless in the British climate, then you’re a victim of social engineering too.

However, my concern here is meat.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” – Mark Twain.

Acceptance that the human species has evolved over two million years on a diet of meat is the first place to start. Your bifocal eyes are at the front of your head because those who came before you – survived by hunting.

Reading, writing and developing EV and PV technologies wouldn’t have been possible with herbivore ancestry.

Like a sheep, I followed the modern herd towards cutting meat out of my diet slowly over time. I didn’t go full blown Veggie or Vegan, because I could never shift a nagging doubt.

During that meat-deprived period, I eat like a Panda, constantly without satisfaction and my body went into a starvation mode like a Panda, so kept laying down fat deposits. Today with good quality meat in my stomach, I feel satisfied after a meal and I’m losing weight easily.

After my own personal experiment, I can confirm that vegetables in your diet is good, but only as a supplement. The unhealthiest I’ve ever been and the acceleration of age-related issues came during a period were I ate very little meat.

All aches and pains have disappeared very quickly now meat is back on the menu.

I’m not talking about unhealthy supermarket meat, bacon or Salami etc, I’m talking about a slab of the red stuff, non-processed and how my pre-agricultural ancestors would have eaten.

Within 48 hours of my first steak, aching joints that I had endured for the last couple of years disappeared – overnight. Strength and vitality I never realised I’d lost have returned and that’s something my son has benefited from too.

My main concern here is that people are enduring health-issues and popping pharmaceuticals like candy when it could simply be a lack of meat protein in their life.

As Dr Joel Wallach discovered, pets fed on a wheat-based diet, died much sooner and endured many more health issues during their lives than those fed on meat alone.

‘Genetic disease’ is a media-driven illusion to sell more pharmaceutical drugs.

‘Genetic disease’ is a cover story to keep people eating corporate junk.

The corporate food industry feeds the medical industry – by design. They deliberately turned the food pyramid upside down to create customers for their legal drugs industry.

For those condescending lipstick vegans and vegetarians, I say, 99% of herbivore people are only a solar flare; frying the electricity networks away from eating meat again.

Your industrial-scale veggie farming is killing life on Earth than its saving.

I will take my chances with meat over cancer-causing glycophosphate soaked veggies any day.

Real enlightenment for the modern world

We must learn to live in the modern world without it corroding the soul.

My suspicions that were being lied to about meat and many other everyday things like fluoride in toothpaste came when I noticed the mainstream press pushing the vegetarian/vegan diet as beneficial.

My spidey senses tingling, I have learned to turn the mainstream news narrative 180 degrees to get the truth.

  1. Russia is bad – Russia is defending itself from US corporate aggression who want to control and push GM seeds globally.
  2. Iran and Syria are bad – US corporate tyrants want them under a Rothschild banking control and run gas pipelines through their country’s.
  3. No such thing as global warming – The planet is drying up like a Californian raisin.
  4. Wind turbines and solar panels are useless – They actually threaten fossil fuel investments.

I could go on further, but I have given you enough to research here already.

Like the original Norman aggressors protecting they’re wild animal stocks and forcing the local tribes to grow-taxable food through new trespassing and poaching laws at that time. Nearly a thousand years later, today’s wealthy elite are again forcing ‘the cattle class’ into accepting new GM (genetically modified) veggie diets.

And theirs the crux; you’re viewed and treated as cattle.

Taking wheat and gluten out of your diet and eating sensible amounts of unprocessed real meat is the only way to keep yourself out of the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry.

Formula Milk to Statins and everything in between – Cradle to grave by design.

To acknowledge yourself, one must first acknowledge your intelligence and consciousness is a by-product of hunting for meat over aeons of time.

The human species could never contemplate its place in the cosmos without meat.

The inconvenient truth is that in a real outdoor survival situation, its protein required to stay alive.

Relying wholly on picking seasonal fruit and root vegetables simply won’t cut it.

I conclude that your carnivore body needs non-processed meat that has been treated with respect throughout the animals lifetime. Anyone telling you differently is a snake-oil salesman.

With the key-point here is ‘respect’ for animals; respect yourself.

My real concern for animal welfare is the encroachment of Halal meat in the United Kingdom. If Vegans, Vegetarians and Feminists Groups want a cause to rally around, getting rid of this inhumane way of treating animals should be a priority.

A rollback of our progressive animal rights is a clear indicator that civilisation has peaked.

The downslide will see meat reserved for your new Muslim and carnivore masters – eventually.

Acceptance of who you are, what you are and where we’re heading as a civilisation is the only salvation from tyranny.

The most powerful mind is a questioning one.

The eternal battle between light and darkness. Darkness is referring to those without knowledge. The brighter the light of knowledge, the more it illuminates the vast space of ignorance.

The torch of science is once again under threat from religion.

And that’s why more enlightened civilisations of the past respected the Sun. (Not to be confused with The Sun that’s a symbol of ignorance), again proving my 180-degree thing.

I’m like sunshine breaking through the dark clouds of media manipulation that envelopes our modern way of life.

However, an even darker age of ignorance is currently encroaching our civilisation and those that encourage ‘freedom of thought’ will be hunted down and persecuted in our lands once more.

Today, however, I’ll enjoy a session of Yoga then Cottage Pie for dinner.

Quorn is in the bin.


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May 16, 2018
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