They are engineering our liberty away

Last updated on November 3rd, 2018 at 11:30 pm

Civilisation’s creation was based upon natural resource exploitation that is now coming to its inevitable peak and with billions of people to control; liberty will be the first casualty.

A generation switched on or switched off?

A generation switched on or switched off?

The state’s lawful right to encroach into your digital life is now catching up to its technological ability to do so.

Unfortunately, this coming of age in the digital age will now require recognition that government and their corporate masters do own ‘your’ data for its own private use.

Technological sophistication today is at a level that we now know that Pokemon Go was actually a CIA funded data gathering operation.

All fully equipped with the latest facial recognition and spy software to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the digital and real world regions and all bundled up in a fun gameplay package with millions of free unsuspecting volunteers.

Directing willing participants to target places of interest with their camera’s and sensing equipment out and about and suddenly you have a worldwide army of unsuspecting and unpaid spies working on the intelligence services behalf.

Trojan horse technologies are a secret service wet dream. Your smart TV gives eyes and ears into your home, Social media hoover up your personal information and of course, we already know that the smartphone is really a personal tracking device – accurate within a square foot.

Privacy is being eroded away this century as humanity’s ability to connect with nature was last century.

We go about our lives thinking other totalitarian countries of the world are oppressed, yet from the outside looking in, these regimes can only salivate at our government’s abilities to intrude and manipulate away every aspect of our perceived freedom.

Today, Britain and US intelligence services now have officially been given the most extreme spying powers ever seen with the introduction of the Snooper Charters. The grip and intrusive powers that ‘the state’ now has over your life – cannot be understated.

This within the same week that Rule 41 was secretly introduced in the US. A Snoopers Charter for the people of the US. While we’ve been arguing about Europe, US elites have been grabbing tyrannical powers, fracking rights and many other security changes that benefit corporations over people – classic misdirection.

Ironically, the EU courts recently ruled ‘against’ this type of mass data collection by ‘the state’ against its citizens, but as “Brexit means Brexit”, that will only be a temporary reprieve.

Your digital life will eventually be stored by your internet company for the purpose of scanning by security services instigating ‘mission creep’ towards an era of East German-style scrutiny.

Scanning for keywords, known targets and the ability to ‘sell’ your private data to the highest bidder as your medical records are today.

This has become a matter of principle!

Intrusion relies on ignorance.

This is the reason I have switched to the Tor browser and the Firefox browser alongside VPV technology. The StartPage search engine allows me to search Google with an easy browser plugin without selling my soul to data-gathering corporations.

I also use a VPN application for my mobile device too. This is cause and effect in motion and spreading the word far-and-wide can help others secure their privacy too.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – Ben Franklin.

These simple additions to your internet life were actually first developed to help people who live in more suppressed areas of the world. Places where internet usage is ‘monitored and restricted’ and liberty non-existant.

This mission creeps towards totalitarianism control is woven into a much wider ‘tapestry of control’ including student and personal debt, the cashless society, corporate controlled media and housing insecurities.

This ramping-up, especially within the last decade has occurred simply because they can, but also because of the escalating worldwide problems revolving around water, energy, environmental breakdown and the bubbling cauldron that is Fukushima (still eating tuna?)

The geopolitics of US military-backed corporations trying to take control of the world seeds supply is the real reason they’ve been trying to get you to hate Putin’s Russia and begin a new cold war.

If you need any further convincing that mainstream media is brainwashing the masses to accept our aggressive policies, then listen to Vladimir Putin himself set the record straight. Operations in recent times to control the mood-of-the-masses have been in play since 1947.

Corporate control, backed by military operations across the world are tightening their grip. The spread of technocratic control needs to be as palatable as possible and that’s why our erosion of liberty come packaged in a fun and desirable packages.

And if you think you have nothing to hide, please bear in mind that politicians have made themselves exempt from these new intrusive snooping laws!

Our heads in the cloud

In the early days of computing, if someone had proposed storing all ‘your’ personal files on ‘their’ computer and the government can access that anytime they want, that would have sounded as palatable as a fracking drill at the end of your garden.

Now give the same proposal a ‘cute and fluffy’ sounding name like ‘a cloud’ and bingo!

I no longer see ‘the cloud’ as my friend. This slow-burn of acceptance for ‘the cloud’ has allowed corporations to literally own our thoughts, your friends list and give full governmental access to your life today or for possible future use.

Despite recent distrust of traditional media, we are now seeing the blocking of alternative news by the controlling six media corporations.

More importantly, this attempt to restrict access to ‘alternative news’ sources becomes a simple hop, skip and a jump away towards ‘full censorship’ by those that really control our political system.

And that’s the agenda! The full control of information in the 21st-century that follows from the newsprint media indoctrination of the 20th-century.

If we’re not careful, the early freedoms bestowed by the internet will be just a bump in the historical road. More importantly, the state’s ability to gain access to the privacy of our thoughts, our dreams, our desires and our relationships will be quickly accomplished through ignorance and apathy.

Everything stored on ‘corporate servers’ is now open to full government access.

Install and use privacy software, sit back and watch mainstream media begin to demonise its use as this privacy movement grows more popular.

I believe ‘the state’ is engineering our liberty away from beneath our very feet. History teaches us two simple facts. True freedom is always hard-fought, yet easily removed.

The light of freedom in the world is dimming and the right to privacy is fast becoming a blip on the historical timeline. Privacy is a basic human right, yet is now under threat!

Solar panels are free from the energy networks as what the Tor Browser is to freedom on the web.

Only the worldwide rollout of alternative technologies can reignite the torch of liberty.

Your privacy is your freedom and ultimately, “it’s your freedom they are coming for and we have to stop burning fossil fuels – period.” – Bill Cooper (whistleblower) 1943-2001.


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January 2, 2017
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