What on earth are you feeding us?

Someone once said to me “A good rule of thumb for healthy eating is – if you see something advertised on TV, then avoid it!” I would be more specific and say avoid Aspartame and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

But, more importantly, I would like to add to this by also saying – if the contents of your dinner once lived in the Pacific Ocean, then abstain immediately.

What they can't see won't hurt them!

What they can’t see won’t hurt them!

I first wrote about the information lockdown by governments and mainstream media a while ago, but the real scale of the Fukushima disaster is far worse than first thought.

I have four tins of tuna with a pre-Fukushima date on them which I am saving for a particular moment. Like keeping a bottle of wine with a good year, but apart from that, I will not eat Pacific Tuna again.

All efforts by the Japanese authorities to contain and prevent contaminated water entering into the environment have failed. This disaster is humanities largest disaster that is being deliberately un-reported by mainstream media – probably due to the helplessness of the situation.

Throughout history, governments have kept information from the public, rather than showing their powerlessness, and the same is true here. News blackouts are one thing during wartime, but it’s a different matter today when global food supplies could be contaminated.

We are sleepwalking into a long-term problem which will affect every corner of the global food chain. The radioactive cooling water has been pouring into the Pacific Ocean for over three years now, shows no sign of being fixed.

This nuclear disaster occurred in 2011 during a period of a financial meltdown, so admitting to the world that, potentially, another billion-pound industry that feeds a third of the planets’ populations contaminated with radiation, would create further economic chaos.

The Japanese authorities have introduced ‘no-fishing zones around Japan’, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the US has introduced and further enlarged the largest protected marine conservation area in the Pacific that’s three times larger than California during the last three years. America’s ‘national monuments scheme‘, now prohibit fishing, under the guise of environmental protection in the Pacifics most central island chain.

Even Tuna fish caught off the US coastline has been found to contain Cesium-134 from the Fukushima reactor, further illustrating just how far the disaster’s effects have now reached.

The Pacific food chain and more importantly the human food chain will undoubtedly be affected the nearer to the toxic source they originate.

Radiation is an invisible danger that is already affecting marine life in the Pacific. Malnourished seals and deformed Whales are now found alongside unprecedented numbers of environmentally sensitive Starfish now been found dead. Tests show that background levels of radiation have increased along the whole US Pacific coast by as much as 1400% in places.

More worryingly, the US government seems to be preparing for some form of nuclear emergency after uncovering that it has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide for its federal workers. Iodide protects the body from radioactive poisoning. This hurriedly delivered before the beginning of February 2015 – I digress.

Bluefin Tuna is believed to be one of the most highly irradiated fish in the Pacific Ocean because of its migratory routes. Public concern about this seems to be non-existent in the UK, and a global effort to prevent the collapse of a multi-billion dollar Pacific fishing industry appears to be in play globally.

An already fragile global economy may be the reason for the “Keep calm and carry on” attitude, but with the US government’s record-breaking order of potassium iodide, I suspect they are preparing for the Fukushima facade to crumble eventually.

Unfortunately, putting profit before other human beings are what humans do best. In the meantime, until I’m proven wrong, I suspect the scale of the disaster is much worse than anyone would like to admit, and the outreach of its effects has spread around the globe because governments can’t or won’t acknowledge the real scale of the disaster.

Suddenly, that Tuna fish sandwich doesn’t seem so tasty, does it?

Cheese and pickle anyone?

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-11-28