Don’t bank on keeping your pension

If the banking crisis of 2008 taught us anything, it’s that, if you can’t touch it, then you don’t own it! Unfortunately for us, there’s been a resource and asset war occurring since the fall of the Soviet Union.

We don't need you anymore!

We don't need you anymore!

Your pension is nothing more than electrons on a screen, so when the world’s reserve currency inevitably flips from the ‘Dollar’ to the ‘Yuan’, it will seal the deal for a cold war that never actually went away.

Sadly, pensions are linked to stock market activity and most importantly for this article – oil! The current slide of oil prices and thus energy prices are symptoms of an economic war as a result of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Russia has two aces up its sleeve. China and the 21st-century powerhouse called BRICS. Over half of the largest world economies are divesting out of the US Dollar’s reserve currency.

The United States of America for all intents of purposes is broke, and the other large economies no longer have confidence in the Dollar as a reserve currency – or its ability to manage its debt. Suddenly our ‘special relationship’ with the US doesn’t seem significant anymore!

This viewpoint brings us to inflation. The over-printing of money (QE) is devaluing our currency at an unprecedented rate since the economic crash of 2008, and you may be surprised to know that this is a deliberate tactic for government to devalue our national debt obligations rather than paying it back.

Unfortunately, the devaluation of your pension pot, your savings and your spending power has been just a secondary consideration, if at all that!

You’ll hear Chancellors express joy at bringing down the national debt, but done by taking away the nest eggs of millions of people through extreme devaluation and alongside an overnight shift to the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency, this will melt the economic system that encompasses billions of retirement dreams.

Interestingly, the world reserve currency has to be backed by gold. China and others have been buying up gold bullion by the truckload for the last decade. Historically, gold always moves from weak to strong hands.

Today, most BRIC alliance countries no longer accept ‘the dollar’, on a street level, banking and governmental level. The next world war won’t involve tanks, bullets or bombs – just economic assassination.

Have we taken economic stability for granted? Likely, but the western economies did sell its soul when our manufacturing went East.

Now they are coming for your assets!

Who owns your mortgage, and are they coming for your pension?

You may be surprised to find out your mortgage, or your landlord’s debt may belong to China. Government and banking debt is sold on, like a common-a-garden pay-day-loan default. Claims and counterclaims are going through legal proceedings on mortgage debt, which may relate to your home mortgage debt.

Packaging debt and selling on for profit has been taking place for years. Imagine putting your doggy pooh bag into a beautiful box. You then wrap that box in costly wrapping paper and add an elegant bow onto it. You then sell the lovely table and walk away, giving one’s self a big fat bonus.

Your mortgage debt has likely changed ownership many times.

Collateralised debt obligations were the cause of 2008 and still an existing toxic soup. China, India, Middle Eastern countries and Russia have been buying up resources, real estate, banking debt and government debt on the cheap for years.

Our leaders and banks are double agents of globalist banking interests and have sold you all down the river. An economic war has been waged over banking control in Europe and your mortgage may be piggy-in-the-middle. Remember, you never actually own your home until the last payment!

If you want an excellent example of things to come, then Russell Brand’s revolution and his highlighting of the ‘New Era Estate’ debacle is a perfect example of this. Overseas debt owners planned to evict 93 families, merely to increase rent and push out working-class families. A sign of things to come as foreign interests begin to try and turn around the toxic debt they bought over the last few years.

For those who thought the economic crisis was over, the truth is, for many, the repercussions are only just beginning. As hostile global interests look to monetise their neatly packaged debt purchases, it will be ordinary working-class people, that pays the price for the greed of a few.

Whether through further economic turmoil, hostile takeover or peak oil, the future of your stock-market linked pension is now very uncertain. Wealth on paper is illusionary!

But the real story here is Mr Osbornes ‘help yourself to your pension’ scheme. What he is doing is ‘pedal to the metal’ inflation. As people run to move their money, it becomes hyperinflationary and de-values the national debt. He isn’t paying it off; he’s dissolving it.

It’s no coincidence that George Osborne has quickly reformed pensions this April (before the election) to allow people to gain access to their funds. I suspect this was done as a ‘nod’ to the ‘knowledgeable’ to move their pension money to safer offshore havens and assets.

The chancellor has played a very shrewd pre-election tactic here. If the Conservatives win the next election, the resulting inflation will reduce the value of the national debt and promised tax cuts, but if an alternative party win, the Conservatives can blame them for the resulting increase set into motion by themselves. This booby-trap will see living costs rise exponentially, and thus hurt any new government’s plans.

Either way, Mr Osborne will get his way – a devalued national debt and a whole new financial industry to ‘manage’ the newly freed pension funds. Undoubtedly, lobbied for by the type of people who brought us the payday loan industry.

Many people invest in solar panels in preparation for their retirement years, however, with millions of people wishing to transfer their retirement wealth into ‘touchable assets’, the housing crisis can only get much worse.

Young people are already struggling to own their own homes or find affordable to rent – so this will inevitably lead to further social instability nationally and internationally.

Nevertheless, what is clear is the unsustainable nature of the current economic model. In the last few hundred years, the British Empire colonised the world. Those vast swathes of pink on old imperial maps told a story of success to every British school. However, what’s not taught was the hundreds of years of misery endured by the natives and the most powerful of those countries now consist of the BRICS alliance today.

The natural law of the universe dictates that what goes around, come around. War in the 21st-century will be economic, and mortgage debt and pension funds will undoubtedly go the same way as manufacturing – East!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-01-21