Humanity needs to grow-up

For a government to admit to a problem, it would first have to have a solution. Using global heating as an example, hearing such news, the people would demand a solution, but there is no solution when every nook and cranny of your civilization works against the obvious solution.

Reducing the burning of hydrocarbons in a world reliant on growth contradicts itself.

This leaves any government impotent and obviously reluctant to admit its shortcomings, so it’s best just to leave it for the next administration, parliament or even generation to deal with.

Scepticism is a far easier solution to adopt than to face the actual problem head-on.

A sceptic comes in two types:

1. Those that have done the maths and know the problem, but won’t admit it through fear that it will affect their own income or lifestyle.

2. Those that live in a delusional state and genuinely believing 7 billion industrialized people has no effect on the world around it.

I believe the loudest and most vocal climate sceptics fall into the first category with the majority falling into the second.

Most people when pressed will tell you how they have noticed differences in the natural world around them, whether it’s missing bird’s, a bee-free garden or erratic seasonal weather patterns. The change in the natural world is now obvious.

Humanity needs to grow up and admit the problems it faces or it will go down a very dark path indeed, slow and painful descent into misery and hunger. Modern humans have now peaked, restricted by the constraints of our own planet.

You can understand why governments are so reluctant to admit the problem let alone face it. Modern politics are so entwined with the oil industry, so you can see why climate change has been such a hot potato. Ultimately, governments are fueled by oil, so why would you want to upset the once successful apple cart.

It used to dismay me why religion wasn’t doing the job of Greenpeace? Protecting ‘his’ creation should be obvious. It often amuses me that atheists are the loudest voices when it comes to protecting the planet, but religions scepticism is caused by its entwinement with politics and governments.

Politics by its very nature is a selfish man’s game. Imposing your way of thinking onto others is why politics and religion make such comparable bedfellows.

When we discuss global warming, what we are actually talking about, is preserving the natural world not for ourselves, but for the creatures and human generation to come. This requires a sense of forwarding thinking and thinking of others rather than yourself, which is a major conflict of interest for governments and religions.

The human party we are all currently living through is like an unsupervised children’s party. Lots of “this is mine”, “you’re weird” and squabbles and tears over the diminishing food and drinks supplies.
They say children are the most selfish creatures, but adults are worse. Most are unwilling to even talk about preserving the world for even their own offspring, let alone act upon it.

If a new US oil-fuelled administration can finally ‘see the light’, then there is no excuse for anyone to continue the denial.

I don’t like the thought that we are destroying life on Earth, any more than I like the thought that one day I will die. But both are facts and both could arrive a lot sooner than I may think. The consequences of inaction are exactly the same.

The playground politics of Muslim, Christian, Jewish or worship of the fairies at the bottom of your garden must end, and only then can a truly global solution be found to the greatest problems ever to face humanity.

Humanities ‘Achilles Heel’ is segregation through religion. If we don’t unite soon to solve these environmental problems, then it will continue to progress to its most ultimate conclusion.

The bigger picture shows we are driving a mass-extinction event which will see all our children suffer from the bio-diversity collapse and crop failures we are only just beginning to experience.

Grow up mankind before it’s too late!

"Go your own energy way."


Stuart Lovatt 2013-03-05
Founder of Power My Home.