Solar panels and the benefits

Only when installed do you truly understand the benefits of solar panels.

There's nothing more powerful than when a PV's time has come.

The earliest solar pioneers are being generously rewarded – daily.

If you’re not a solar panel adopter, then sadly you’re still a slave to the oligarchs.

We champion the homeowner, whom the current export tariff is aimed at.

Solar panels offer the ability to self-generate and be paid for the surplus.

This is a massive constitutional change and why we recommend self-generation.

The generation tariff is designed to give homeowners an incentive to install PV (photovoltaic) solar panels.

Energy companies in the market offer a wide range of export rates currently averaging 4.44 pence per kWh.

I’d also recommend battery storage to power your evening and nighttime life.

Owning solar panels is certainly a wise investment in today’s electric-driven world.

Upward and gradual climbing in traditional energy costs is the new normal.

Traditional energy will always come at a premium price; the days of cheap energy are over.

Becoming an independent self-generating energy user will always be a good thing in the 21st-century.

The full benefits of installing solar panels:

  • A steady income year-on-year from surplus energy.
  • A large reductions in annual energy expenditure.
  • An increase in property value.
  • A better return-on-investment than keeping money in a bank account.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

The PV export tariff assures long-term stability for the solar industry, and people who adopt this wonderful technology.

Today, smart money buys a savvier energy future.

"Feel the pride."

Stuart Lovatt 2011-11-01