Dependence on energy costs

As another energy bill falls onto your doormat and yet again you sigh with disappointment as you contemplate yet another rise in the cost of heating and powering your home, you undoubtedly think that this is not the future we were promised.

Your future energy bills are still unwritten.

Your future energy bills are still unwritten.

Many people attempt to cushion themselves by choosing to switch energy providers and thus give themselves a short-term reprieve through a ‘fixed term’ deal that will give them a guaranteed price over a year, possibly two at best.

When Marty McFly arrived in the year October 21, 2015, energy shortcomings were not part of the future vision, but back here in the real future, our timeline will see millions crippled by fuel poverty and energy costs.

The real key words here are ‘short-term. Switching providers between the big six energy companies have become an annual treadmill with little benefit other than to change from a ‘higher cost’ tariff to a ‘high cost’ tariff.

Reducing your all-important energy costs longer-term will require a huge shift in thinking and logic, and with the experience of successive and relentless price rises from the last decade, the outlook for many households over next decade looks very bleak indeed. Time for a rethink.

As someone who has been active in the solar panels and alternative energy industry since before the beginning of the end of what I call “the end of the golden age of cheap energy”, I have seen a big shift in the type of people installing these technologies.

No longer are solar panels viewed as ‘green technology’ by those who actually install them, especially over the last few years, where the most common reason for installing today is what I call “protection from the elements”. Weathering the storms of future energy issues as far into the future as 2045 is now the main driving force for most new alternative energy investors.

We are living in future now, and the ‘Back to the Future’ style vision we were all looking forward to, has been realised (hoverboards excluded), unfortunately, the cheap technology we all enjoy today has come at a price, and unfortunately, that price is energy insecurity and environmental degradation.

Very few people installing alternative energy systems today, do so for environmental reasons. The main driving force today is to cut the umbilical cord of dependence on the aforementioned rises in energy costs.

Although complete freedom from traditional energy isn’t possible for most people, the ability to reduce dependence, especially with its thirty-year long-term lifespan is seen as logical to those who already have already installed.

A world going crazy for solar panels

You may think that the high cost of energy is restricted to the United Kingdom, but although we have one of the highest average costs for energy in the developed world, we are by no means the only nation that is feeling the high cost of heating and powering our homes.

All around the world, competition for the dwindling ‘easy to reach’ hydrocarbons is hotting up, and although as a nation, we are only just beginning to question the future of our own energy security and the associated consequences, the rest of the world have already begun their transitions towards reducing dependence.

Even the worlds largest supplier of oil, Saudi Arabia is investing 100 billion pounds to become independent from the black stuff by 2020. I often ask, “do they know something we don’t?”

China, India, USA, Germany and even the EU as a whole are in dispute at the moment, as they all jostle for solar industry supremacy for the future solar markets. I would also postulate that recent changes to the feed-in tariff rates here in the UK were instigated because the current coalition government predicts that increased market forces caused by unaffordable future energy costs will grow the PV and solar heating markets organically, without the need for incentives. So grab them while you can.

The next time you see that weighty brown envelope arrive at your door, and you feel yourself sigh as you again unfold to see that familiar letter headed paper, then think, what would ‘doc’ Emmett Brown do?

The world may not have the ‘flux capacitor’ yet or mastered the art of cold fusion, but gaining energy independence from the predicted storms ahead, can only at this time, come from solar panels on your roof. “Maybe you’re not ready for this. But your kids are going to love em.”

“Energy bills … where we’re going, we don’t need energy bills.”

Your future energy is still unwritten.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2013-04-30
Founder of Power My Home.