Energy are a fool’s gold

Why do we let fool’s continue to chase gold?

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UKIt’s a fool’s gold to continue to increase industrial growth when it is apparently affecting our ability to feed ourselves.

Climatic changes bringing on crop failure, water supply problems and marine diversity. Nature needs protecting when so many humans, including the western world, depend.

So it comes as no surprise, that the former chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and current vice-president of the RSPB, Sir John Lawton, said this week, which the chancellor’s views on the environment are “potentially quite dangerous” and his views were “not interested in evidence”.

The chancellor, George Osborne was singled out and branded a “bloody idiot” for his attacks on wildlife protection rules by one of the UK’s leading ecologists.

The unravelling of wildlife and environmental protections, for already under planetary stress systems, will as George Monbiot pointed out last week, like a noose around humanities neck.

The insatiable demand for growth and consumption will mean the world will soon run up against natural limits, so why has the Rio +20 summit been nothing but an anticlimax? Preventing a perfect storm of ecological and social problems, caused by the relentless attacks on the natural world, has to be our finest hour. Without it, we are being led down a social cul-de-sac.

A lack of willpower by most nation-states including the United Kingdom’s coalition government is a vortex of inaction, which will ultimately drag humanity into an unwinnable war with the planet, as it goes into a fever state. The inevitable consequences of our actions will affect our ability to feed ourselves.

Mass human hunger, although we cannot see it with our supermarkets, is only a couple of degrees from occurring.

When viewed on a global scale, the heating of the planet caused by the increase in parts per million (ppm) of CO2, is already being detected in the Polar Regions. Pre-industrial levels of 260-280 ppm have increased to over 400 ppm in these sensitive regions.

The pursuit of “always more” is economical and ecological madness.

Without the efforts worthy of a world-war scale defence of the natural world, recovery from the current financial woes and the crisis of the natural world will be a prelude to more misery in the future.

Humanity faces a classic dilemma: how to reconcile the relentless pressure to consume with the protection of our life support system.

So far, the answer has been to ignore, eventually leading to future crop failure brought upon by a chaotic global climate. This situation we warned about decades ago, so will the environmental warnings of today continue to fall on deaf ears?

The environment & the goldfish bowl effect

For economies, without regard for our life support systems, implies a periodic collapse of the planetary machine, for we are foolish goldfish in a very cramped bowl, swimming in our shit.

The filter, which protects the fish from a slow undesirable ending, is being consumed by, yes by the fish themselves.

A simplistic analogy of humanity’s situation, but I feel best suits our situation.

We like to think of our species as intelligent. We look to the stars for other smart signs, but correct technological advanced intelligent species would need to co-exist with its homeworld for longer than a 150– 200 years.

Remember those kids growing up that wanted everything you had, never shared and usually used force, to get what they wanted.

Those grown-up kids are now leading humanity into an ecological disaster.

Those same kids still insist that there is no reason to worry. Self-interest and greed are always found to be at the heart of those opinions, despite evidence suggesting otherwise.

As Mr Monbiot points out in his very aspiring blog, “One of the privileges of wealth is that you can employ other people to engage in denial on your behalf.”

Truly intelligent, beings work with nature; not against it. That is why we must not let the selfish kids continue to jeopardise both the economy and ecology.

Changing international and government policy to use accumulated or hoarded wealth towards the planetary repair process is the only real answer to humanities issues.

The Rio +20 summit will fail again because the wealth needed for such a gargantuan project has been hoarded away by the few.

Continually hoarding gold is a fool’s paradise. We should defend the biosphere that gives us life, with the generated wealth that put it in peril in the first place.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-06-22