A PV revolution to be actually proud of

The reason politicians pander their policies to appease the baby boomer generation is that rebelled and changed the political landscape when they were young.

Corporate coffee suddenly tastes foul.

Corporate coffee suddenly tastes foul.

Nowadays, those same baby boomers are marching on-mass to vote, and the young need to do the same to ‘create a new cultural revolution’ that will begin to put the many modern-day wrongs – right again.

Promoting solar panels and powering electric vehicles using PV technology, is my personal response to a system that only views us as people to be milked.

Millions of families are spending ridiculous amounts of money on their energy bills while billions are thrown away in fossil fuel subsidies, and they use ‘bought and paid for’ media to demonise clean technologies.

The reality is, today’s establishment will actively encourage youngsters to begin their working lives saddled with debt, while systematically attempting to destroy the NHS, ‘hard won’ employment and civil rights that baby boomers benefited from all their lives.

Today, our young are bombarded with payday loan, gambling and energy drink advertising to psychologically and economically shackle them. Can’t get the kids hooked on cigarettes anymore, well they’ll find something else. Energy drinks are that something else! The health implications of such drinks are still yet to manifest. Jordan you have been warned!

Belief systems are like a river meandering through the rugged terrain of life. Once that belief encounters more pliable ground, it will change course overnight. Confidence in yourself comes through educating yourself.

My personal belief in solar panels was driven by a long-term or ‘bigger picture’ view. My disdain for gambling, payday loan and energy drink marketing that now bombards and enslaves today’s young people are a testament to the level of corporate influence in today’s media and politics.

Asset stripping of the nation has reached unimaginable levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, wealth in a digital age is sell-able and delete-able?

Belief today is whatever your chosen newspaper tells you. Belief is human-made, and newspapers skillfully mould minds as did the church in less technologically advanced days. Thirty years of global warming denial by ‘bought and paid’ for tabloids proves this.

The rapid evolution of hydrocarbon-burning technologies has been the human race ‘making itself comfortable. Unfortunately, we never moved away from an energy infrastructure introduced over a hundred and fifty years ago because they wanted you to believe that there were no alternatives.

The reality is that for the price of the Iraq war alone, the UK could now be the world’s first wholly alternative energy-powered country. Two German states are already 100 per cent renewable for electricity.

I can’t think of any far better way of ‘sticking it to the man’ than releasing your family from the burden of this costly dependence on this crazy antiquated energy system.

If you don’t believe me, then find out the truth for yourself, although you won’t find ‘the truth’ in the establishment’s favourite newspapers.

Baby boomers need to fight one good last fight and show their grandchildren how it’s done.

A generation switching on or switching off

I finally managed to speak with someone who voted Conservative. Two hard-working people whose sole reason for doing so was to stop a small number of scroungers from receiving benefits.

What owning solar panels feels like.

What owning solar panels feels like.

What they didn’t realise was that this came with a considerable cost to the rest of the population by losing the NHS, letting the corporations ‘run the show’ including the complete sell-off their children’s medical, environmental and educational future.

Media misdirection and mission creep in full effect.

It doesn’t have to be this way. My own Generation X fought against the ‘poll tax’ through mass noncompliance and prevented all adults today from getting a ‘personalised-based’ council tax demand. If we hadn’t, then each adult today would be paying around a thousand pounds per year – Imagine that!

Imagine a household of three adults being legally forced to pay around three thousand pounds today. We fought and won alongside our “right to party” because not all laws are just and not all rules are in the public’s interest!

It looks like the same establishment that paid billions to mislead the public on global warming have also successfully mind-shackled our youth after learning valuable lessons from those notorious 1960s.

They have successfully piled-on generations worth of government debt on top the shoulders of the young in addition to ‘forcing through legislation’ to frack-up their future too.

Traditional media outlets celebrated year-on-year house price rises to distract from considerable changes in immigration that ultimately only benefited corporations wanting to drive down wages and increase demand in the housing market – all at the expense of your children and grandchildren.

Corporations don’t address social obligations because they don’t care.

We’ve been done over!

Baby boomers were the only generation in British history to have ‘rocked’ and upset’ the order of things with their visions of a groovier world. Unfortunately, the establishment has taken revenge by economically shackling their successors.

Now they are only an ‘equity release’ scheme away from whittling away the last vestiges of hope from a generation who have nothing but ‘zero-hours contracts’ to look forward.

Now they are misdirecting the voting boomers attention again with articles about ‘bent bananas’.

Now they want you to believe that the EU is a bad thing.

Leaving the EU would actually be the final days for employment rights, free health care, right to protest, right to free speech, right to be ill without breaching a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ Chinese owned employment contract.

All voted for by ‘the generation’ who rebelled and fought for “love and peace” – devilishly clever!

The capitalist belief system turned out to be just as cruel, but more underhanded than the communist belief system that we were all taught to fear.

However, change is afoot, and this is now the age of the whistleblower. Political self-interest is now globally being exposed and challenged. This ‘new age’ will herald a cultural shift towards exposing the truth of corporate-run governments.

My rebellious generation again today is changing the way the world works today with alternative energy technologies, despite tabloid propaganda aimed against it. Year-on-year electric vehicles or EV powered by PV are becoming the new normal.

Now we need both ends of the generational spectrum to stand up and be counted in this new cultural revolution.

Educate yourself, use the various alternative news channels and change the world, one coffee at a time if necessary.

Baby boomers command respect today because they forced to change at a time that needed it, but more importantly, they get politicians ‘grovelling at their feet’ because they’re empowered by the collective power of the X.

If the Middle Eastern conflicts have taught us anything, it’s that belief is sculptured; which means the future is unwritten.

Always food for thought.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-04-13