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“We don’t report on scientific consensus, we create it!” – Bob Wright NBC CEO.

Geoengineering hidden in plane sight.

Geoengineering hidden in plane sight.

We could see for ourselves the reduced wildlife around us; we could feel in our very soul that the climate had changed and if we’re truly honest; we knew that we were spoon-fed lies by media owners with a conflict of interest.

The social engineering of the past now requires geo-engineering to save the future.

You know that we live in a constructed reality when NASA’s James Hansen declares that “we cannot say how bad the global warming problem is; because everyone will panic”.

This is the evidence that humanity and ultimately life on Earth; now fights for its very survival.

Today, we are aware of the billions spent on the deception of global scale oil burning by those who had an investment in burning the oil. Now, we can’t wait another forty years for the truth about geoengineering and solar radiation management to be exposed as a reality.

Is this worldwide spraying a desperate attempt to patch-up an increasingly growing role of the ozone layer? Is this an attempt to reduce the effects of the greenhouse effect or ‘solar radiation’ management? Or is this something more nefarious? Speculation is free, but the price of ignorance costs us dearly.

Don’t wait for the TV to tell you the answer; research it yourself.

And if that weren’t enough, the denials of the pharmaceutical industry are now being drowned out by the millions of mothers who have experienced the dangers of certain vaccines to their children.

Additionally, today up to 1 in 47 and rising children are now diagnosed as Autistic, and by 2022 predictions are 1 in 10 in some regions. Human beings are now clearly changing humanity and this rate of change is clearly growing alongside new vaccine uptake. Every parent today must demand to see the vaxxed the movie, especially in light of new whistle blowers now coming forward in the US.

The NBC mentioned above executive broke ranks because he saw the dramatic effects for himself on his grandson only two days after receiving a vaccine shot.

The battle for hearts and minds has been a highly effective strategy since the early Roman conquests, but most people wouldn’t imagine that military ‘weapons of the mind’ would be used on them too. The millions of voices that are today challenging those above. The Scientific consensus is game-changing stuff.

Gandhi’s anti-vaccine views may be ringing correct a century later.

The pyramid scheme that we live within has killed off ‘true investigative’ journalism and allowed today’s ‘distraction’ journalism to move people’s attention away from the decimation happening around us.

Fukushima – A case study of misdirection on a biblical scale

Just in case you think that enormous global problems like these couldn’t possibly be hidden in plain sight (pun intended), then Fukushima is the ‘white hot’ elephant in the room.

Three radio-active cores still missing and a disaster that will affect life on Earth for decades to come.

If you’re still eating tuna and prawns without checking its origin; then you’re a victim of misdirection. The global ‘lock down’ on Fukushima news is a prime example of protecting global economies despite the obvious implications.

The Fukushima situation is so bad, that five years later; the radiation leakage into the Pacific is still prolific and continues to be an environmental disaster for the whole Northern Pacific ecology. The total amount of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in the food chain.

Even as far as the Californian coastline, wildlife die-offs are quickly making the region like a dead zone. In fact, after doing your research; today your days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are probably over.

Yale Professor Charles Perrow is warning that if the cleanup of Fukushima is not handled with 100% precision soon that humanity could be threatened “for thousands of years”. So the comedy value that the UK government wants to build yet another Nuclear power station near the sea at a time of fast-rising sea levels caused by the aforementioned global warming is off the chart.

Too cheap to meter, safe and clean; they said in the 1950s. A real case of; if you don’t laugh, you will cry when it comes to learning lessons from even our most recent past.

It’s crazy at what an incredible time we are all in. It’s impossible to see how amazingly real, over the top dangerous a position the human race is facing. Only once the sticking plaster is ripped off can the pain of the truth be known, then can humanity as a collective begin to tackle these enormous global problems – together.

The frustration I feel for humanity to pull its ‘indoctrinated’ head out and see this real ecological meltdown in progress around us.

Today, free speech, civil rights and the ability to feed your family non-GM foods are under attack, because the climate problems are getting more and more difficult to hide.

Social engineering and geoengineering? It rather depends on where you get your daily news and just in case you think deceptions of such magnitude couldn’t occur by today’s corporations – then try and find out what happens to your ‘social network’ data. The only reason we know today about many things; is the internet and the bravery of a few whistleblowers who break away from the herd control.

“The internet should never have existed! It’s a threat to national security.” – Jay Rockefeller.

This statement translates as:

“140 years of social engineering that has benefited ‘my family’ is coming undone – thanks to the internet.”


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