The corporate resource wars begin

Give men a multi-trillion pound oil industry, and they’ll proclaim that God is on their side to justify the slaughter involved in keeping possession of it.

The enemy within.

The enemy within.

This statement is true whether you’re a Presidential Bush, Caliphate, Tony Blair or Saudi Royal – all use religion as justification.

As people, both here and abroad suffer from hunger brought on by greed-based politics, the war drums are beating once more, and those with a vested interest in ‘the spoils of war’ are taking us to war once more.

My relatives don’t yet know it, (they do now) but I am going to donate the waste of money that is excessive Christmas consumption towards the Syrian refugee appeal fund – I digress.

Syria’s problems only began when Assad, who is loyal to Russia, actually refused to run an oil pipeline through his country for the US petrochemical industry.

Cue the arming of Syrian rebels by the US to overthrow Assad and the world of unintended consequences, then creates a power struggle under a now-notorious banner of religion.

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, the BRICS nations have come together to oppose the march of corporate-based US foreign policy that instigate regime change in countries who dare oppose their petrodollar system. Syria has become a line in the sand for Russia from the US corporate mission creep.

What we are witnessing in Syria is a proxy war between the US and Russian governments. It’s no coincidence that Russia is eyeing up our undersea internet cables and are sending very distinct signals to the UK with its overflying bombers.

Superpowers don’t go head to head. They use proxy wars on other peoples land. What Russia was striking at ISIS is a strike at US allies and the Saudi’s who are now attempting to squeeze Russia’s primary export income by flooding the oil markets with cheap oil. The US attempts to uproot Assaad is an undercut punch at Russia. And now the UK wants to join in and side with whom?

Many people think the Peak Oil problem went away with the recent glut of low oil prices, when in fact it’s evident with the land grabs occurring in the South China Sea, the Caliphate and Russian Crimean takeover, that it’s at the forefront of politics today. The current cheap oil is only down to the Saudi’s attempting to break the economics of the US shale oil industry and Russia’s economy that is 40% reliant on energy exports.

Peak oil today is also represented with the steam rolling unwanted fracking by Cameron and Osborne, despite the known environmental problems. The side-by-side Murdoch propaganda machine is in full swing on the British population. Despite a few well-known oil reserve discovery’s, the overall picture looks bleak, and the world’s superpowers know it.

For every barrel of oil we discover, we now consume three. Oil production is falling in sixty countries, and at some point, global oil production will start to fall – forever!

Tony Blair stood side-by-side with George W. Bush because he thought he would be getting a share of the spoils of war. Something Saudi Arabia would never allow and didn’t! Fracking in our own country is an inferior ‘plan b’, by our government which is increasingly getting muscled out of the geopolitical tussle for the world’s last vast reserves.

Ironically, your super cheap petrol prices are only one side effect of this power struggle as the Saudi’s attempt to break the economic back of the American fracking industry. At the same time backing the US with its sanctions on Russia regarding the Ukraine. This tactic was learned from the Chinese who crush different industries before ramping-up the prices later.

Remaining the world’s number one oil producer is essential if you’re a Royal family those grips on power is through tyrannical means.

Ultimately, it’s the corporate thirst for regime change in the Middle Eastern provinces that are bringing the world to the brink of a third world ‘resource’ war.

The hypocrisy of dependency

This country has taken a hard-line stance on those whose lives are dependent on the system. The fact that we as a population today blame the disabled while the bank boss’s walk free, absolutely proves that corporations can and do manage the population’s opinions.

Nothing to see here people.

Nothing to see here people.

You only have to look at other cultures to see their populations mind control in action, some more extreme than others, but although our mainstream media may be more subtle, the years since the 2008 banking crash show it to be successfully diverting attention away from the source.

If people truly and honestly look at how much of their lifestyle depends on the suffering of others, then if the 20% of the population who care begins the transition to self-generation technology like solar panels, then a brave new world would be achievable without military conquests.

Relying on a system that is doomed to fail within our children’s lifetime and the early signs of its demise hidden in plain sight on every news report today – is just plain stupid.

In the meantime, if we as individuals want to crush female abusing caliphates and reduce dependence on its source, then a swift transition to alternative and solar panel technologies will have a far longer-term impact than any BP-sponsored bombing mission.

Boys with their toys will always want to fight, but it’s the women of the world who have a vested interest in stopping the spread of violence in the name of religion. It has been the females of the species that have achieved most change for themselves over the last one hundred years, and that courage can now be used to improve the planet that their children will inherit.

Vote for change with your roof to reduce your dependence on this totalitarian system – both here and abroad.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-11-27
Founder of Power My Home.