Conspire to adopt solar panels

Dedicated to my Gingeresque friend.

Alexander the Great, sourced his Wheat supplies from Egypt’s Nile Delta at his own expense.

Conspire to adopt solar panels

It’s periodic-table of elemental-rich soils dragged down from Africa’s interior is the reason the pyramids exist.

There’s no coincidence that every great civilisation of the past grew crops in element-rich soils.

The Nile Delta’s nutritional superiority, allowed Alexander’s armies to march far longer, remain strong and healthier throughout his arduous campaigns.

This strategy is why we remember him today.

Even back then, Europe’s soils had degraded and nutritional deficiencies feed our industrial medical-complex today.

Energy policies today are nutrient-devoid and solar panel adoption is an equally astute decision as Alexander’s.

This strategy is why pioneer PV-adopters care little for their annual energy expenditures.

Domestic solar panels are a fantastic supplement to poor governmental policies of the last few decades.

The conspiracy against solar-technology began when Richard Nixon famously took down solar panels off the White House roof to appease oil and gas lobbyists.

Two or more people did conspire to keep you from the power of The Sun.

Today, conspiracy is the new normal.

Throughout the 1980s, we were taught you couldn’t catch Virus members from general contact with surfaces. That’s a 180 degrees turn from today’s ‘new’ facts?

Similarly, were told PV solar panels don’t work in a country that’s one of the greenest on the planet. Green as photosynthesis going on all around us for the vast majority of the year?

Makes no sense right?

This new trickle-down global pyramid of information works to turn billionaires into trillionaires.

Personally, my eyes opened when they were deliberately misleading the populace with anti-solar technology rhetoric.

Yes, a conspiracy to prevent the people from generating free energy from 1970 to 2020.

The reality is, domestically-installed PV solar panels are a fantastic long-term partnership for most homeowners – I digress.

We’ve lost fundamental ancient knowledge of how crucial elemental-rich soil is to the human body throughout a century of colourful food marketing.

Very few remember that human-health nosedived within a population when electric power originally arrived in the village.

Nutrient-rich ‘wood-ash’ fertilisation fell out of favour, leading to further soil degradation throughout the world’s modernisation.

The forest grows greener after the fire.

Our modern ABC of dietary supplementation is oversimplified child’s play compared to the actual literacy-rich elements that our complex bodies need for long-term repair and function.

Our bodies atoms were spawned in the interiors of long-dead stars.

Crazy, eh?

A lesson from history.

In a time when erasing history is the new normal, let’s ask ourselves why?

In the 1930s, impoverished people of Germany where given radio-receiver technology at lower than cost price, intentionally so Goerbals could distribute his doctrine more widespread.

It reminds me of mobile technology today.

Sadly, history always repeats, and people today are just as susceptible as those in those Pathe newsreels.

That’s why nothing makes sense!

In a nutshell, they are using the natural die-off figures of the largest generation in history (Boomers) to make money from the word m-a-n-d-a-t-o-r-y and impose total control and rule over their descendants.

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing mainstream deception like a solar-powered lighthouse in the fog.

Globalised policies allow those controlling The WHO to profit from poor health arisan over a century of industrial-scale farming!

Conservatively, it’s deemed acceptable for 2% of the world’s population to be damaged by ‘The Cure‘. That’s 140,000000 men, women and children whose health will be wrecked unnecessarily!

The Sunflower image above was taken at a time when I despaired the New Health Order unfolding.

A sign that the suppressive system doesn’t always win.

There’s more light when you consider nearly a million PV-powered households in the UK saw past the hogwash and now enjoy the benefits of solar technologies today.

Conspire to adopt solar panels as your own ‘new normal’.

Out of the box, self-generation using modern PV is as astute, as Alexander’s nutrient-rich strategy.

A decision that brought his name through the fog of time.

They can erase history, but we’ll always know that the pharaoh’s and pyramid builders were Ginger 😉

True wealth is health.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2020-09-04
Founder of Power My Home.