Britain’s road to ruin

Whether you agree with global heating predictions or not, what is clear is that Great Britain kick-started the industrial revolution.

We, the British Isles, led civilisation out of the (so-called) dark ages, through the industrial revolution and into the lightly polluted ages of modern culture. We did that Britain. Great Britain!

A dependent nation

A dependent nation

We have, however, lost our way a bit. In the ultimate pursuit of a cheap toaster, we have sacrificed our whole manufacturing industry to China and India for that £9.99 toaster.

So getting into the spirit of the queen’s diamond jubilee year, the need for British manufacturing to return to these shores is paramount.

Manufacturing costs are now rising abroad as the living standards we have enjoyed as a nation in recent times, soon become a necessity for our Asian cousins too. The advantages of manufacturing overseas now eroded.

The political world of solar panels

As the worlds, the ability to supply the increasing demand for oil diminishes the necessity for alternative technologies like solar panels become more essential.

As touched upon lightly in my last (some may say rant) post, I foresee our nation as hopelessly reliant on imported oil and gas while replacing it with reliance on imported solar panels.

The need for our manufacturing industries comes, not from national pride, but from national security. The Chinese ruthlessly pursued a policy of dominance in the solar panel manufacture and the essential, rare Earth metals, which are the vital ingredients in PV solar panels.

The cheaper solar panels that Britain currently enjoys is because the Chinese government is subsidising its manufacturing costs. Like a drug dealer giving the first few ‘highs’ away for free, then bumping up the price later, after we have gotten a taste for them.

If we as a nation are not careful, then (using the drug addiction analogy again) we will be swapping one hopeless addiction for another. Like the heroin addict, who replaces the drug, with the slightly less dangerous alcohol.

The American authorities recently acknowledged this problem, by adding an import tariff to help its homegrown manufacturing. Our government has to wake up to this issue because the oil won’t last and neither will the cheap solar panels.

Putting the high back into Britain does not have to be complicated. Tax incentives and subsidies offered to any British brand, who bring home their manufacturing operations in our hour of need. This is what I believe Winston Churchill would have done today.

The only way to create jobs and wealth for Britain again is to return manufacturing to these shores. As we as a nation (and Iceland) have found out, we cannot run the country on financial services alone. Margaret Thatcher’s dream is dead.

Thatchers experiment failed, but if we put our heart and soul into alternative energy technologies, manufacturing, exporting and supplying the many other countries, who also suffer from crippling energy costs, then I believe, Britain can become great again.

The next generation of must-have domestic gadgets, will not be TV’s or games consoles, but solar panels and other energy reduction technologies. China can see this, the USA and Germany too.

In the name of national security, grow our manufacturing industry again through incentives.

Those above cheap £9.99 toaster did not last or benefit us. In the name of job creation and wealth creation, bring British brands home.

Relying on others is a fool’s road to ruin. Ask any addict.

God save The Queen.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-06-02
Founder of Power My Home.