Brexit prepping with PV solar panels

“The mind is like a parachute; it works best when open”. Jim Marrs – Last of the investigative journalists.

Bombs away Mrs May. The irony of a trade deal to destroy British independence.

Bombs away Mrs May. The irony of a trade deal to destroy British independence.

Now’s the time to personally vote for PV solar panels (photovoltaic) and real energy independence.

Britain will soon feel the might of an army of US corporations looking to destroy and then rebuild our prison, health, energy, food, utility, education and pharmaceutical regulations for their benefit – not ours.

Sadly, Britain has been divided and conquered, and the spoils of that conquest will be reaped through the US-led trade deals soon coming to our shores.

Wolves single out and separate the outliers from the protection of the herd.

Today, the calamity that comes with turning your back on one of humanity’s most prominent examples of unity after the most significant war in history is now becoming more evident.

Brexit was never in our best interest. The US destroy and rebuild policies apply here!

Astute homeowners and businesses are now Brexit prepping!

Clearing debt, supporting British food producers and reducing reliance on a mostly ‘foreign-owned’ energy infrastructure through PV solar and EV technologies is a good starting point to prepare.

Do not try to reason with Brexit. That’s impossible. Only try to realise that the idea of Brexit was a pure illusion. A divide and conquer technique used in every military and boardroom campaigns since forever.

The original TTIP trade deal’s may have failed to impress our European neighbours, but separating Britain from the protective herd was a masterstroke of geopolitical strategic damage limitation by our cousins across the Atlantic.

This time our enemies come with handshakes, smiles and an uncanny ability to profit from your ill health. There is no higher purpose in your life today than protecting your family from the “Will of the People”.

The USA’s ability to exploit its population has a historical refinement going back seventy years and has become a model for other exploitative nations worldwide.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at war with our ‘own’ administration that thinks nothing of publicly and obviously lying to sell its citizenry.

Allowing this trade deal to go ahead will finish Great Britain as an independent nation forever.

Now that’s irony.

Never let people get in the way of making a quick buck

“Condemnation without investigation is confirmation of your indoctrination.” – Jim Marrs 1943 – 2017.

I devote my time to helping people benefit from solar panels because the current administration doesn’t want people to know the truth about alternative energy technologies.

The importance of reducing your household dependence on an energy system that’s designed explicitly to syphon money out of your pocket and the Great British economy as a whole is paramount.

Recognizing that Britain’s obsession with switching rather than ditching the Tic Tac Toe illusion is the key to being solar savvy and pursuing real energy independence for your family.

Discovering an alternative way of powering our lives is easy. Look at our astute European neighbours who are already propelling forward and pioneering new energy technologies to escape the Cul-de-Sac trap that fossil fuels have become.

Solar panels are a hole in the hedgerow; a means of escape for people with the propensity to question today’s engineered narrative.

Powering your home, charging your car and feeling the pride of being a solar pioneer while those around you still sacrifice themselves at the altar of Big Six’s Customer Service lines; is most satisfying.

It’s not just an open door access to your wallet that makes Britain a target, but the never-ending blank chequebook of subsidies (including indirectly through the Winter Fuel Allowance) – essential in the ‘centralised energy model’.

They fear solar panels because they loosen the bondage between homeowner and energy supplier.

Solar panel pioneers and our European Union neighbours are just walking away from a long-dead toxic donkey that comes with the smell of death.

Installing solar panels today could be the best decision you make, not only in this decade; but for the following decades to come with its ‘thirty years’ plus lifespan.

The long-term benefits from PV solar panels and EV’s cannot be understated. Health, wealth and the progressive nature that comes with this misunderstood technology is a far cry from the airborne pollution and broken economy of actual Britain today.

We have witnessed an industrial-scaled syphoning of wealth out of our country and is still being actively encouraged and promoted by our esteemed leadership today.

Trump and May’s bastard trade deal child will obviously include privatisation of anything that moves, including full fracking rights. To make fracking financially viable, the US will insist on curtailing alternative technology’s uptake even further in the UK.

The selling off of people’s annual energy expenditure has become standard operating procedure in the UK today!

As the rest of the world continues to enjoy the plunging cost of Germany’s pioneering solar panels, British people will be subject to further obstructive policies that may raise the cost of installing PV technologies in the UK once Brexit finally occurs.

Always sooner rather than later when installing solar panels are concerned.

The “Will of the People” has forcefully slammed the door shut on our future-thinking friends and our alternative energy future. This direction has handed the keys of 21st-century power to the German economy as they progress and dominate the alternative technology sector over the coming years.

More worryingly, we have vulnerably walked down a dark Cul-de-Sac with the world’s military bully boy who fully intends to empty our national pockets.

Installing PV solar panels & EV technologies into your life today, would be like receiving your hip replacement, just before the privatisation tanks roll into town.

Removing those pesky EU protective regulations and keeping the people tied to a centralised energy model was what it was all about.

Happy Brexit folks!

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2017-08-31
Founder of Power My Home.