Going sober with Brexit 2.0

Leaver’s and Remainer’s are united in the view that our exit from the European Union has been diabolically embarrassing and put our nations future prosperity in severe danger.

Britain under the influence - Banksy.Under the influence - Banksy.

Under the influence – Banksy.

I see Britain as the drunk old guy in the golf club bar shouting his mouth off and insulting everyone as he threatens to join a golf club six hours drive away.

Then his wife returns the next day pleading for him to be allowed to play on the golf course again that was situated only next door.

Real comedy gold for the other members in the clubhouse.

Britain has been drunk on power and now the hangover is coming.

“Wir müssen nichts tun – Sie verlassen uns” – Angela Merkel.

History demonstrates that being outside of ‘the largest trading block’ next door will have dire consequences for the smaller nation leaving.

There is a real threat that ‘Brexit Britain’ could become the European Cuba of the 21st-century as there is no real incentive for the EU to reward us with lucrative trade deals imagined by some.

Alone in the world, Brexit ministers gone from political life (like Cameron) and “The Spirit Of The People” now broken as they continue to drive old gas-guzzling BMW’s and Audi’s like Cuban’s drove 1950s chevvy’s long after the rest of the EU drove away from us with they’re PV-powered (photovoltaic) EV’s (electric vehicles).

The EU has worked-out that it has more-to-gain by transferring future BMW Mini manufacturing to China and Japan is already threatening to pull its Nissan Leaf plant out of Britain too.

In reality, geopolitical powers like China would rather negotiate the most lucrative trade deals with the EU rather than the belligerent child nation next door – as they see it.

Drunkards eventually lose everything that once made them great!

One German lady put it best, “We don’t care if you leave the EU, Britain. Brexit is a club fisted decision at best, just make sure you can afford to maintain your nuclear-powered shit”.

Outcome 1 – Lest we forget, how hated we are in the world as Brexit ministers continue to ‘insult’ the neighbours like an obnoxious drunk person. The rest of the world is looking on in astonishment as non-domicile press barons lead our once great nation down a ruinous path.

Brexit 1.0 is that moment when you trip-up in the street and pretend that it’s not as bad as it looks, whilst others are sniggering at your misfortune.

Theresa “PLEASE make us a deal ” May is obviously out of her depth to make matters worse.

Instead of admitting we’ve been taken for mugs, it looks like we’re going to go through with this madness and that means you need to prepare for a Cuban-style outcome – shunned and truly alone.

Installing PV solar panels and investing in EV technology for longer-term personal security is a foresighted genius of the highest order.

I predict the inevitable higher-costs of heating and powering our homes post-Brexit will rot Britain from the inside out as our foreign-owned energy companies cash-in too.

Another obvious threat to our national sovereignty is the US coming to our rescue with their toxic chicken TTIP trade deal, already rejected by Europe – oh how they must laugh.

Our politicians talk like trade deals are a good thing, but history shows that small countries become a ‘victim’ of trade deals. Just ask the small African nations. Nothing will be as beneficial as what we are choosing to give up.

The seriousness of US corporate power trumping our UK political power cannot be understated and exactly the opposite of what people voted for.

We’ve been that unpopular kid who hangs around with the school bully for his own protection. The bully knows this and will turn on him too – one day.

The problem with living through the good times is that you don’t realise you’re experiencing them.

Pride before a fall – figuratively and literally.

“Und sie haben es sich Selbst angetan.”

Admitting you’ve got a problem with Brexit 2.0

The EU nations aren’t under any obligation to let us play on their golf course anymore.

Energy price rises as a result of ‘foreign-owned’ energy companies will become the norm.

The power of the masses to adopt PV for personal use is the basis for Brexit 2.0. Freeing ourselves from the shackles of our problem with energy costs is a great place to treat the dry rot.

If Britain truly wants to feel independent and in charge of its destiny, it ‘ironically’ needs to follow Germany’s example of powering-its-nation with alternative energy technologies including PV solar panels.

Admitting we got this one wrong is the first stages of our addiction recovery.

We’re going to go through a stressful time, and it’s going to hit every corner of British life as our ex-European allies return their industrial operations home and leave US trade deals to feast on the carcass formerly known as Great Britain.

Don’t feel you’re depriving your bank account when purchasing PV solar panels, feel empowered that you’re astute enough to prepare for the self-inflicted dangers ahead.

A genuinely independent country doesn’t allow foreign-owned interests to own essential energy infrastructure (the blood of a national entity) who hold its population to subsidy ransom.

A genuinely independent country supports a transition away from the Industrial Revolution-era power sources and finds cheaper cleaner and more longstanding solutions for its people.

Like any addiction, Britain is locked into a dangerous loop of climbing subsidy costs for diminishing returns.

Embarrassingly, Germany recovered from their addiction two decades ago.

Going cold-turkey from non-domicile press barons is necessary.

Brexit 2.0 is our once great nation as a whole collectively admitting we got it wrong on our national energy policies. We allowed our political decisions to be influenced by offshore press barons and now we stand in a global village as the jerk in the room with egg on our faces.

Brexit 2.0 will be a real declaration of energy independence.

Outcome 2 – Stress actually builds, improves and ultimately, Britain could come out the other end as a PV/EV-powered nation.

Not through pioneering spirit as in Germany’s case, but through sheer necessity after the Brexit dust settles.

History will one day show that Brexit and the relentless anti-EU propaganda was all about preventing Germany’s green-tech aspirations from spreading to the UK shores by people with fossil fuel interests.

Brexit was like a demonic attack. Unseen and unknown voices from afar are continually encouraging us to “do it”.

Nationalism is just like Communism, Nazism or any other type of ism; it doesn’t mind millions of its citizens suffering in the most extreme ways to gain an imagined utopia.

Water chlorination, antibiotics, the jet turbine and the internet, were the life-enhancing game-changers of the 20th-century. PV alongside battery storage and EV’s are the first game-changers of the 21st-century.

We became the unpopular barfly in the Golf Club, with a drinking problem, delusional and with an over-inflated sense-of-self worth.

Britain has been under the influence for far too long.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2018-02-22