A new world of alternative energy economics

Logic dictates that a privatised energy industry doesn’t want people heating and powering their homes without them profiting from it. Today, this has a huge stranglehold on disposable incomes.

Just smart enough to run the machines and pay the bills.

Just smart enough to run the machines and pay the bills.

Welcome to a brave new world I call ‘alternative energy economics’.

A healthy and fluid economy can only come from significantly reducing household demand from the burden of today’s costly energy markets.

Nothing economically has changed since 2008. We’re back to square one, and some would argue in a worse position than before. Strangling the economy with austerity and quantitative easing is like building a financial dam and wondering why the river no longer supports wide-ranging ecology further downstream.

Since I began Heat my Home in 2004, the average annual energy bill has more than doubled, from £522 to its current level of £1,232. That averages an inflation-busting 11 per cent each year. And the price hikes just keep on coming as our national energy policies keep being mismanaged alongside critical infrastructure engineering also being kicked further down the road – it’s not looking good for your household’s future energy costs.

Same old, same old is no longer an option unless we all want to continue burning money away into our already besmirched skies. It’s finally time now to your 21st-century to eventually kick in!

The direction for humanity and the outlook for family’s change dramatically when households are ‘tooled up’ with solar panels, EV’s and other alternative energy technologies. Suddenly, the powerlessness of being shackled to your ‘dreaded’ energy bill is gone.

You gain several hundred and in some higher use cases; thousands of pounds per year in additional spending power. That is substantial when viewed over a thirty-year lifespan of this technology.

This is disposable income that will slosh around the wider economy. When the ‘penny finally drops’ and millions of other families all have the extra disposable income to spend each year – the wider economy becomes awash with nutritious life-giving new money.

How has David “green crap” Cameron missed this very simple remedy and has he had his “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home” moment?

His economic strangulation policies based-upon his unwillingness to see beyond burning hydrocarbons has led to ‘economic bondage’ for the majority of the British population. Embracing a new alternative-energy-based economy is the only way to get out of this rut!

Millions of families contributing to the broader and more liquid economy once the economic shackles of high energy costs are removed will allow positive family experiences that are lost due to the burden of pricey energy.

I remember a time when someone in my own family and her children couldn’t enjoy Christmas because of a looming energy bill. I sorted it, but how many other millions of families suffer like this on a daily basis?

Even those where the money is ‘not of concern’ should embrace an ‘alternative energy economy’ as a point of principle, as your children and grandchildren have to inherit this current economy and live within a fracked-up, world.

Our subservience on this issue is our children’s servitude. We are all truly and ultimately “in it together” – rich and poor!

A brave new world can only come from people like you taking the first pioneering steps. I have had the privilege of working with such people over the last decade. Each of had one thing in common, and that was the realisation that this current economic system will be a very bumpy road to oblivion for all.

Pioneering technologies like these PV solar panels and battery storage systems are able to work alongside EV charging capabilities. These simple steps towards unshackling families from failed energy policies of golden-hand-shake seeking politicians.

Real freedom requires solar panels on your roof

A market, by definition, cannot be free if it operates behind artificial walls, or deliberately excludes traders who can offer goods and services at a more competitive price – like alternative energy. The energy market along with scores of other financial markets have become protected markets.

The privatisation of the national energy network in the 1980s sought to milk the British public right down to the last coin-operated meter.

Today’s government policies have one sole purpose of pampering the rich, economically restrain the rest and monetize every asset of Britain for the benefit of only a few. All this goes against the collective good that made ‘Britain Great’ in the first place.

they reason that every aspect of British life is incompetently organised according to these corporate lobbyists and our golden-handshake seeking politicians.

With this, they have launched attacks against teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen and women, soldiers, social workers, civil servants, local councillors, firefighters, broadcasters and transport workers. All of whom are openly flogged in full view of the British public – Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care!

Because we’re too tired from our zero-hour contracts (up 600%), also hot-and-bothered by the hellish commute home or more concerned with getting home to play video games and watching box-sets – we gradually sell-off our humanity and national well-being.

They will burn every last hydrocarbon and to hell with the consequences! Don’t speak your mind around the Smart TV in your home; it’s listening, or you can push back from these economic shackles with solar panels on your roof.

Those that want us to exit Europe, do so to remove the last of your children’s rights and freedoms that came with our alignment to European culture! They voted for their economic enslavement – it’s devilishly genius!

A ‘bitter’ legacy for our children or a ‘better’ legacy driven by ordinary people.

Join our brave new alternatively-powered world and let’s see where that road takes us?

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2016-03-11
Founder of Power My Home.