Be like Nigel Farage

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Leaver or Remain, adopting German passports for your children like Nigel Farage is the way forward for us too.

Not playing by the rules with PV solar panels.

Failing that, following the German example with energy is the best plan B for your kids.

Preparing for the aftershocks of leaving the European Union is imperative for our children too.

Declaring a trade war against our twenty-seven closest neighbours won’t end well for your quarterly energy bills.

Following the German lead and prepping with photovoltaics is a more sensible way forward.

Let’s be honest here, dependence on UK governmental policies after witnessing the last five years is foolish.

Having German technological prowess to fall back on, is a smart way forward. Just ask Nigel!

Sadly, UK energy lobbyists saw the begins of Germany’s PV solar adoption in the late 1990s and 2000s and got worried about the trend spreading to Britain.

That’s the real reason Cameron got pressured into the 2016 referendum.

This situation will ultimately increase PV adoption rates in the UK – doh!

So, it’s time to be like Nigel and make full use of Germany’s astute foresightedness.

Germany is a country that creates policies based on self-interest but with logic and facts.

A country that saw the real potential of a PV-powered nation and now gives away electricity to its neighbours for free. Imagine that Wales, Scotland and Eire?

A nation united in its ability to generate its basic needs ‘free’ from the sun with only the dirty stuff as a back-up. That’s a country whose passport I’d be proud to carry, eh Nige?

Additionally, the UK government’s fracking policy will cause an energy crisis by itself, says the UK’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

PV solar panels are the way forward individually and nationalistically. Get installed before the US asset stripping and strong-arming begins – consider ourselves divided, conquered and ripe for the picking!

Europe rejected TTIP trade deals in 2015, but this desperate country will agree to anything to save face.

True independence can only come with PV.

Germany, embarrassingly demonstrating what true independence looks like.


Breaking the chains of your energy servitude

Germany’s success comes from acknowledging entropy, Britain’s failures come from its ignorance of it.

Entropy is an inevitable slide towards decline, whether within the body, nation or energy sector.

Acknowledging entropy and continuing to battle forward regardless, leads to technological advancements. Germany’s push for PV and EV (electric vehicles) is an excellent example.

In contrast, our fracking adoption is a clear statement of entropic degradation. The degradation of the UK energy industry is apparent over the last decade.

Forward with confidence for those who can see beyond the myths and untruths that surround PV. Falsehoods spread by media barons with personal investments set this country back two-decades at least.

The universe battles entropy with light. Light battles dark with new star formation and your household must also look towards the sun to drive away from degradation.

The diminishing returns from traditional energy began twenty years ago. Uncoincidentally, that’s the time when our German neighbours started their nationwide adoption of PV solar panels.

It’s always disappointing that we’re always behind our Celtic cousins technologically!

Ultimately, UK energy has plateaued, and entropic erosion will eat away at all four corners.

Subsidy protectionism and attacks on the UK solar industry by government and media over the last few years only demonstrate that PV is on the right side of history.

The cat’s out of the bag. There expensive nuclear power station project is a bill payers nightmare, and nobody believes fracking will benefit the masses either.

Personal-gain orientated decisions over national interests will prudently accelerate Britain’s PV adoption. UK energy consumers see the folly and are beginning to go there own way with PV, battery storage and EV-technologies.

Around 15m households will see their energy bills increase by more than £100 a year after March 29th? Deja Vous time and time again.

Time to cash-in those British Gas shares then begin a more modern approach to powering the home.

Tell Sid when you see him!

I expect Sid sold his shares years ago and now his energy bills no longer allow him to frequent the pub anymore.

Unlike Heinrich in Frankfurt who’s PV solar panels installed in the late 1990s still generates his electricity, hot water, new electric vehicle and his weekend stein drinking.

There’s no joy in investing in traditional energy anymore, and the same goes for remaining reliant on it.

Renewable energy will be the world’s main power source by 2040.

Britain’s PV adoption craze will begin post-Brexit out of sheer necessity by consumers.

Future-proof your family with German security, technology and foresight.

Nigel Farage is that sneaky weasel-type who tells you the girl is unobtainable while behind your back, trying to obtain the girl.

Be like Nigel.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2019-02-17
Founder of Power My Home.