Baby boomers still rebellious at heart

The largest demographic to adopt solar panels today were young in the 60s. So 1960s style shifts in culture is being led by the Baby boomers that are still rebellious at heart.

1968 - Showing the young ones, how its done.

1968 – Showing the young ones, how its done.

Releasing the grip of a centralised energy system was never going to be easy.

Decentralising our energy supply and disinvestment in fossil fuels achieved while being led by those who have changed our society before.

The current establishment don’t want people generating their power or heating our homes without them.

If you want to teach politicians that ‘the people’ hold the balance of power or your merely fed-up of being a cash cow for a privatised energy system, then solar panels are for you.

However, from day one, I have always warned people that the incentives for solar panels are a window of opportunity that won’t be around forever.

The feed-in tariffs were always meant as a temporary leg-up for the solar industry and are designed to fade away in line with increased adoption rates. However, the issue now is whether a new incoming government will pull the rug away wholly based on their biased towards centralised control and their investment portfolios?

A blue or purple post-elected government will undoubtedly slam the door shut on alternative technology incentives if elected and further damage the nation’s transition. Unfortunately, the greed of a few is getting in the way of progress for the many, and so we need to act collectively and individually to avert a future drought-stricken Earth scenario.

The need for solar technology in this energy-hungry and volatile world isn’t going away anytime soon, but the current incentive scheme may. That’s why I recommend you claim the current incentives today, build a better tomorrow and show the grandchildren that you care.

The world and your children need your rebellious spirit to rise again.

Controlling hearts and minds and corrosion of our freedom

We as a nation are slowly waking-up to indoctrinating mainstream media. Maybe it’s time you unshackled yourself from ‘individual’ owned media groups who use their influence to control critical political decisions.

The recent drive by the ‘Murdoch’ media empire to ‘normalise’ fracking in the ‘hearts and minds’ of the populace has gone too far this time. The interwoven nature of media, energy and politics makes his pro-fracking propaganda shameful and dangerous.

The insidious nature of his media empire on both sides of the Atlantic and finally exposed for what it is. The internet has gone a long way to loosening the grip that these self-interest media outlets have had over the populace for many decades now.

He and five other billionaires control our politics, media and energy seen as only self-serving for these men over the interests of the nation and even the world.

Unfortunately, our politicians come and go, but the real seat of power belongs to Murdoch, who are elected officials bend over backwards to appease. Essential and necessary global change is being held back by the greed of these men. The minds of the masses are being manipulated to empower only a few.

You can’t unlearn something, but you can be kept in the dark and twist the truth. This statement is how and why the traditional media has always been unkind towards green energy. The real reason for the adverse press around alternative energy is their investments in fossil fuel companies and of course to keep people paying their energy bills – no matter how high they climb!

Solar panels are a symbol of revolutionary change

More than ever that you will never get the real story behind the story through mainstream sources. The current troubles in the Middle East are primarily about the control of resources dressed up in religious clothing.

Just follow the money. This cliche is why the disinvestment movement is as essential as ever.

Absolutely nobody can argue that burning coal and oil on an industrial scale is a good thing for the health of the planet. If you do disagree, then you likely have a financial interest in continuing the status quo.

For the rest of us, curbing the rise of religious fundamentalism and ensuring we don’t create a ‘dust bowl’ earth can be achieved through disinvestment. This change is a movement that aims to slowly move away from reliance on oil, individually and nationally by shareholders demanding change as seen with the campaign spearheaded by the Oxford University Fossil Free campaign. They state that “any investment in fossil fuel companies is currently not socially responsible.

The control of hearts and minds is fundamental to controlling the resources under our feet. This propaganda is why Saudi Arabia has such a brutal regime. The rewards are fantastical for just a few at the top, but the population must be controlled through fear to sustain it.

IS extremists are just replicating the ‘Saudi model’ by controlling Iraq oil on the black market while brutally controlling people through Spanish inquisition style practices. Just another incentive for the disinvestment movement to gain momentum and long-term de-value the price of oil.

The move away from dependence on the black stuff has already begun in many countries which are expanding their alternative technologies – even by as much as 40% in Denmark. A real push for electric vehicles will also accelerate this process further.

Installing solar panels is now a smart move given the volatility of the global energy market and geopolitical landscape with Russia and the BRICS. Solar technology is fast becoming a real symbol for the disinvestment movement as individuals, households and businesses begin to wise up to the issues raised here.

Our addiction to Middle Eastern oil and a manipulating media is making future generations vulnerable. There is enough wind, solar and temperature exchange energy potential in the UK that we should no longer have to send Prince Charles to kiss the butts of Saudi tyrants.

The point of all this is, we are at a pivotal moment in history, where the short-term greed of a few could send your grandchildren down an energy policy cul-de-sac with no reverse gear. They have already destroyed their ability to be educated, buy-a-home or even raise their children with un-affordable rents and living costs.

We ‘the people’ have a real window opportunity to solve many global and national problems in one single rebellious act. The Baby Boomer generation is once again showing the world real social change – one roof at a time.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-03-26