Babies in debt so time for a reset

When I was seventeen, I contributed to the non-compliance movement which prevented the very unfair Poll Tax from becoming a burden on families today. Today’s youth will soon be fighting a system that will burden their future family lives too.

Welcome to planet Earth.

Welcome to planet Earth.

Student debt is one thing, but unborn babies now saddled with debt have crossed a moral line.

Austerity – the policy of saving your way out of a demand shortfall – just does not work. In a shrinking economy, a country’s debt-to-GDP ratio rises rather than falls, and Europe’s recession-ridden crisis country have now saved themselves into a depression, resulting in mass unemployment, alarming levels of poverty and scant hope for the young.

The Greek and Spanish people this week, acted upon this fact. Expect many other countries to say “NO more babies in debt – time for a reset” too.

Austerity has failed in its promise to reduce deficits, and the young people of Europe are one by one rejecting the economic constraints that debt has cast upon the world.

You see the illusion of national debt is just that, illusionary. Iceland proved this after the 2008 crash, because they bailed out the people and jailed their bankers. The complete opposite of what our government did and now forge ahead with reducing dependency on alternative energy.

Bottom line, the national debt is imposed. Money is plucked out of thin air, but not used to tackle the considerable threats to our civilisation? If we don’t put an end to this madness soon, then the law of inevitability will!

Unfortunately, it’s our kids inherited the world, their dreams, their future security that is at stake. The post-war generations lived through the peak of the modern age, but we now find ourselves on the sharp slide down to social disaster.

Our British politicians won’t listen. Tony Blair didn’t listen to 3 million people regarding Iraq. The British people were proven right on that, and they will be proven right on this as well. Austerity doesn’t work! We already know what the ‘greenest government ever’ think of green technology, so their promises mean nothing. The Labour party has no plans to change current policies except a few minor tweaks either.

This debt-based economy is now bullying disabled people, deliberately indebting students and starves children and their families needing welfare support. The economy’s broken!

Education, training for work, and even the NHS is being sold off to the lowest bidders and have we learnt nothing from the privatisation of national energy and our railways? You lose, they win, the nation suffers. This experimental capitalism has failed so badly, that even our newborns now saddled with debt before their first breath.

What no food banks?

Amazingly, there are still people out there that don’t believe food banks exist. There the only worldview is what comes from the indoctrination process of traditional media establishments.

The military-style police, the legalisation of your basic rights to protest or strike would have Hitler smiling in his grave.

I’m proud to say my grandfather was one of those that signed up to fight Hitler before his eighteenth birthday and before he was legal to do so – and fought to save our future. Modern politicians only see a dumbed-down screen gawping generation, but I see change coming more significant than the social reforms of the 1960s. An alternative world order where even the police say “this affects my children too”.

They have already sold off the national silver, housing stock and now force through plans to destroy the countryside with thousands of fracking wells while condemning less intrusive alternative energy technologies.

Red and Blue, politics are dying, and although I agree with much of what Russell Brand points out, I disagree that refusing to vote will help. This viewpoint will only prolong the agony of our unhealthy two-party politics.

The Green party is now growing at an exponential rate for all these reasons, and the youth vote can help finally put an end to the ‘austerity is the only option’ mantra, which both main parties subscribe.

Our generation wants to move beyond a centralised energy system, causing climate chaos, but this will only be possible if a European or United Nations-wide pact to dissolve everyone’s national debts can be agreed.

Money and debt continue to be plucked out of thin air (QE) and it can evaporate into thin air. At the stroke of a pen, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and grandparents want it bad enough. People are already taking to the streets to protest in Europe.

Norway has ‘no national debt’, and it was achieved merely by corporations paying high levels of tax to operate within its borders and its oil profits taxed at 78%. Precisely the opposite of what we have done here.

A D-day on the global, national debt to help solve the global issues of our time is only un-imaginable to those without imagination. I will enthusiastically march in unity with our European cousins to return hope to our children’s lives.

I will finish this with the words of astronaut Edger D. Mitchell, who famously said he wanted to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag them to the moon and say “Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2015-02-01