Award-winning solar panel enthusiasts – really?

Last updated on February 14th, 2019 at 10:52 am

Apparently, I’m the 2018 Sustainable Building Award winner by BUILD magazine.

Beware BUILD Magazine Awards and the vanity scam .

Beware BUILD Magazine Awards and the vanity scam .

As the proud winner of the Best Online Energy Awareness Advisory 2018 category, I get the privilege of purchasing my trophy for £295 and a celebratory write-up for £3,495 – wow!

Further investigation of Build Magazine unravelled a ‘vanity scam’ award or “everyone’s a winner” scheme.

“To see the light; is to go solar” – as I once put it, but in this case its to see the wood from the trees.

I don’t need Build Magazines pretend award scheme, to know I’ve built something amazing.

What’s not amazing is their underwhelming award lacking any authority.

A bogus award with zero credibility.

An acceptance speech that never was

My enthusiasm for solar panel technologies began 14 years ago.

I’d concluded that building civilisation was easy.

Keeping it with so many problems converging this century will be the ultimate challenge.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning from some of the best people in the industry (you know who you are) and I have always used that knowledge to help other pioneers. Thank you.

The historical story of solar panels has been a story of oppression. Solar panel technology has always been the Cinderella of the technology world. Oppressed, hidden away by its ugly, dirty and money-hungry sisters.

When I initially began promoting solar heating panels, the perception was that it was a technology only for sandal-wearing ex-hippies. Today, Germany, China and many foresighted people have made PV solar panels affordable and more useful, especially alongside technologies like battery storage, water heating converters and EV-charging.

PV solar panels are now out in the open and enjoying the limelight.

Solar panels are now cool; as I always knew they would be.

Their potential to set the human race free – cannot be underestimated.

My vision for a PV-powered society puts more spending money into the national economy. Today that money gets sucked out of the national economy by foreign-owned interests through high energy costs and subsidies (direct and indirect).

With a more vibrant economy, the transition away from petrol and diesel cars will occur twice as fast once households take back that average £1,200-a-year energy bill. More if you consider fuel costs.

Investing in the future and driving the nation forward seems to have disappeared from the national consciousness. I blame the negative propaganda that bombards people daily.

Propaganda is to democracy as what violence is to dictatorship.

Solar panel technology has been subjected to such negative propaganda over the last few years and deployment has been set back by at least six years. Despite this, there’s an awakening occurring worldwide.

The sleeping beauty that is the full potential of the human species is awakening from its poison-laden slumber and media giants with they’re ‘conflict of interests’ are seeing eyeballs dwindle year-on-year.

The cracks of our failing civilisation are becoming harder to hide.

There have been times when I have been controversial, but when you look around and see the biosphere collapsing and a society bereft of hope, beating around the bush is no longer an option.

Even Presidents John F Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower both warned of the dangers that still shape the problems that our civilisation is enduring today.

PV solar panels and EV adoption is now a poster-child for that awakening, and finally, green energy adoption will walk side-by-side with a divestment movement growing year-on-year.

It takes real courage, vision and co-operation to build a legacy and a future.

To build for the 21st-century, one must first acknowledge the rot of the last century.

A growing and robust UK solar industry, I believe is a visible sign of hope.

So the solar industry became my focus during the early embryonic stages of the UK’s solar industry.

That time, was a complete minefield for consumers and unfortunately, those preconceptions of our beloved industry still exist today (in the UK mainly).

The primary reason I developed Heat My Home, (solar thermal) later called Solar4U (PV and solar thermal) and culminating today with Power My Home (PV only).

All developed to educate with a squeeze of enthusiasm.

Unbelievably, the “Do solar panels work in the UK?” question still lingers in the national consciousness. The aim of the industry today should be to answer that question once and for all on a national basis.

Today, the solar industry is positively unrecognisable and all grown-up.

  • 1. The UK solar-industry today can boast of BRE standards that are world-class.
  • 2. The MCS accreditation scheme brought every installer up to a professionally high standard. The amount of work and effort that goes into getting such accreditation shouldn’t be underestimated. I doff my cap.
  • 3. Additionally, the RECC who work tirelessly to ensure every salesperson selling solar panels in the UK work ethically and honestly.

Solar pioneers today benefit from the most rigorous standards in the world. From the first contact to installation day and beyond, they have the best-of-the-best.

But, such is life, there is always more work to do.

Education to undo the negative impact of bad press and recent government incompetence is vital.

Demonstrating the real positives goes without saying, but getting facts out to the masses is a next logical step for the UK solar industry.

People are beginning to wake-up to the futility of Switch N’ Save offered as an alternative, and it’s those who are in the marketplace for real alternative energy technologies.

Small and bitesize stepping stones towards energy freedom are the best way to increase PV, battery storage and other alternative technologies take-up rates.

We as an industry are on the cusp of being the cheapest form of energy thanks to almost yearly price rises by the Big Six. Something I predicted back in 2004.

What I didn’t envisage were the additional positives that PV plugin technologies such as battery storage and hot-water converters would bring too.

The industry can now begin to shout from the rooftops and shout with pride.

It’s been a long and sometimes tiresome road. That bumpy dirt track I remembered in 2004 has now become a tarmac road with EV-charge points along the way today.

Feel the pride that comes with building your own PV-powered world.

From this day forward.

Power My Home promotes courage, vision and cooperation, without the need of a Build Magazine Award.


"Forward with confidence."
April 25, 2018
Founder of Power My Home.