The awakening, love and the pursuit of wealth

We are now seeing a new generation of people awakening to the betrayal of this current marriage of political power to corporate power, which ultimately only benefit a minority over the majority.

Keep your head up and your eyes open.

Keep your head-up and your eyes open.

They (those above political class) are deliberately changing the system to drive wealth upward through society, rather than downward, as has always happened in the past.

In today’s post-peak oil world, increasingly more people face a decision every day about whether to spend money on food or heating – they cannot afford both.

This affordability problem is only going to get worse as predictions for energy costs and the associated difficulties creep further and further into the middle-class world too.

These new, but modern pressures which families are now under, is a cause of a lot of suffering. The current fight for survival is very different and more complicated than our hunter-gatherer minds designed for – and the squeezed family budgets are impeding on the general population’s ability to make the changes to prepare for this uncertain future.

However, people are finally waking up to the fact that politicians are powerless and only doing the bidding of corporations, which aim to erode personal rights as well as incomes for the general populace. Zero-hours contracts are an excellent example of this.

One hundred years of hard-won employment rights are being washed away in only a few years.

The numbers of people affected will increase tenfold in the coming years and next on their hit list will be your pension rights and the dismantlement of another government spending like the National Health Service.

There’s more to life than the love of money

Not many people know, but the internet was a military technology, which was never meant to fall into the collective hands. The same was once right with the power of love.

Fables tell of times when pagan gods of old ruled the earth, their advantage over humanity was a strength, which came from the power of love. Humankind only experienced love and its associated magical properties when the sons of the Gods came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, as described in the Bible’s Genesis.

Ever since that modifying moment, great civilisations, technology, and not coincidentally, the human population have exploded exponentially as a by-product of love.

Ask most people why they do what they do, and the answer will most likely involve loved ones. “For the love of my family, my children or my work” – I believe this is the driving force, which has excelled our species from tens of millions of years of a necessary life existence to a global super civilisation in only a few generations.

Like the military intranet, love was never supposed to be in the hands of us mere mortals, but once the cat got out of the bag, there was no way it could be back. In the world without love, humanity was unable to process that gut-wrenching pain that life without ‘the one’ can bring, but with it, we reached the moon, built great architecture and sung a million love songs.

This viewpoint gives credence to the fact that this cosmic energy, which described in Chinese folklore as yin and yang, can be both positive and negative at the same time.

Interestingly, every 20th-century figurehead who promoted peace, tolerance and love to the masses, ended up being assassinated. Gandi, John Lennon, Malcolm X to name only a few. Influential people get wealthy by promoting war.

So how do you know when you’re in love?

Because even on the sunniest of days, life becomes a very dark place indeed when it’s away. Even the wealthiest people cannot console themselves with their hoards of money when true love is no longer around.

The power of a kiss can ignite all, but the blackest of hearts.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2014-05-12