Common sense with solar panels

Common sense is installing solar panels in this ailing civilisation.

The illusion of green EV-charging.

People’s willingness to throw money at the energy problem year-on-year is bewildering.

With our newly acquired eyes in the sky, we can for the first time in history look down at ourselves in virtual god-like detail.

Despite society creaking and cracking under our present-day problems, why are we not using solar technology to at fill in the growing cracks we see appearing in the energy markets?

We’re all passengers on a planetary scale bus, driving headlong into a wall.

The convergence of environmental, economic, and social problems is the cause and effect of humanity that has become detached from its roots.

The relentless drive forward, without concern for the bigger picture, is a side effect of a broken democracy.

For all its merits, democracy, which has unintentionally put blinkers on our leaders, and lead to a short mass sightedness of the entire human species? Long-term problems cannot be solved by politicians only looking at re-election in 4 years’ time.

The democratic system is to blame for the apathy towards environmental, economic, and peak oil inaction?

In my previous articles, I touched upon the subject of greed and excessive money hoarding being a mental illness.

Mr. Gates is the poster boy for this today.

If a man has a house stacked up to the ceiling with newspapers, we call crazy.

If a woman has a house full of cats we call her nuts, and by the same token, when a person pathologically hoards so much money that they impoverish others, we call them role models.

The stupidity of our situation is mind-blowing.

The way we blindly follow a minority of people, who for the most part are pathological hoarders when exposed in the bright light of the day is shocking.

When we truly open our eyes, then we realise we’ve led down a path of ignorance leading to a cul-de-sac of woe.

The problems we have stacked-up for ourselves are down to ignoring common sense.

Humanity has the intelligence to put men on the moon, but not common sense to protect our only planet. There is enough generated wealth in the world to make the essential changes needed.

Common sense in our withering world is as rare, but what will shine through will be solar-tech’s contributions to charging the electric car revolution.

Stuart Lovatt 2012-07-13