A wealth cap could save civilisation

If one lesson can learn from history, it is that greed leads to downfall.

Game changing solar panels and installations.

Game-changing solar panels and installations.

It is an ugly characteristic, which both helps and hinders humanity, but mostly leads to ruin in the end.

Greed is humanity’s Achilles’ heel.

After reading a newspaper article about Richard Ricci, a London banker with a 100 million pounds fortune, who was then photographed buying lottery tickets, to win the 97 million Euro prize. Why?

Here, is a man who could never spend the amount he already had, attempting to amass even more wealth for himself. Here is evidence, that people like Mr Ricci, will continually hoard money away from society. This hoarding of wealth is why the engines of commerce are failing.

Money hoarding is societies Achilles’ heel.

Wealth distribution is the key to a vibrant economy. Wealth hoarding is cancer in society, and like cancer, it will ultimately destroy its host.

A wealth cap with lessons from history

The Roman civilisation like modern civilisation enjoyed hundreds of years of growth, brought on by a lust for loot and heavy taxes on the conquered, but eventually the empire had spread itself too thin on the ground and left its self-vulnerable. Greed can be said to have ended Roman rule.

The same’s said for Hitlers Nazi regime, which again, like the Roman leaders, in a lust for power, control and money, spread themselves too thin on the ground fighting from all sides and ultimately losing the Nazis the war.

If control and constrain had employed in those situations, then history would have turned out very differently. History has proven time and time again that greed is damaging for societies and civilisations that don’t curb it.

Money accumulated in large amounts, is basically lost money for society. It no longer flows.

Our modern economy only works when money is flowing. We are all working in a current global economy, but still using rules from a bygone age. I propose we all ask for a new set of rules, more beneficial to a modern global village than we have at present.

This situation begs the question. How much money does one person need?

A new path forward

Billionaires are hoarders.

They prevent money from ever seeing the light of day again. Its usefulness has come to an end, and its only purpose now is to make more money for its owner.

What if there were a global cap of saying £100 million pounds for each.

How much more cash would flow into the economy then. This extra flow of money could be used to finance the battle against global heating, biodiversity depletion and other vital issues that will affect every one of us.

If our already wealthy banker, Mr Ricci had won the record Euro Lottery prize, then probably that money, would never be of use, other than to look at on a screen never contributed to good causes and never played a decisive role in civilisation’s future.

If he hadn’t won and thus continued the rest of the days with his 100 million fortunes, then he would still have lived a privileged lifestyle beyond the scope of most people.

Hoarding money doesn’t benefit anyone.

This is why I see a wealth cap of say £100 million Euro, pounds, dollars or whatever currency worldwide, and the overspill funds going towards the global fight against global warming and biodiversity loss. The infrastructure is already in place with the IMF and United Nations oversee such a venture. No government need to get involved.

Non-compliance by non-compliant governments could see penalties such as trade embargoes, from all other signed up countries.

The wealthy can continue to be wealthy.

Funds are freed to fight the most important issues of our time.

Economic and environmental recovery

The Roman civilisation took the decision to abolish slavery within agriculture because it was causing mass unemployment for Romes citizens. The wealthy elite fought bitterly against these measures, but common sense eventually won through, giving Rome hundreds of years more stability.

Modern civilisation is at crossroads too, and although such proposals will be fiercely opposed by the wealthy hoarders once again, they too need to be beaten back. After all, it is their ideas that have brought us to this current grim situation.

It is not too fanciful to argue that the future of capitalism, civilisation and biodiversity depend upon how this plays out– and how quickly if at all, there is a change of responsibility.

Freeing up hoarded money is the only way to finance a real economic and environmental recovery. Society needs to frown upon people who selfishly save and prevent the flow of user funds.

Hoarding is a physiological and social problem.

Not using slaves to toil in the fields outside Rome was unthinkable and groundbreaking in its day, but its eventual implementation saved Rome from social collapse.

The age of greed must end; the period of responsible capitalism must begin.

Greed, as usual, can only lead humanity down a very dark path indeed.

Please share if you think this strategy would be beneficial to many.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2012-06-08
Founder of Power My Home.