A future playing out to its ultimate conclusion

The internet is a powerful tool. It transcends both time and space. I can speak to my future son, and I regularly update him and post photographs of our best memories as he grows up.

This unique-ability in human history throws up many questions, but the biggest question is how do I explain to my future son that nobody today is taking the climate issues and our planet's destruction seriously.

A message for the future.

One day he will have a memory bank of all the good times we enjoy together. I speak to him today, not as the toddler that he is today, but as the man, he will one day become.

This unique-ability in human history throws up many questions, but the biggest problem is how do I explain to my future son that nobody today is taking the climate issues and our planet’s destruction seriously.

One day our children or grandchildren will ask what did you do? How do you explain that only a small percentage of the population today accept the reality of the situation and an even lower number of people actively attempt to change the position.

As the level of carbon in the atmosphere pushes past the dangerous 400 parts per million, and the Arctic sea ice has obviously disappeared before our very eyes. How can I explain to my son that not even our politicians even discuss this anymore and continue to push policies which got us into this mess in the first place?

Lessons from history, pay attention at the back!

Throughout history, humanity has dealt with threats by throwing every available resource at the problem. This approach has usually been wars which have posed a danger to our predecessor’s lives or lifestyle, yet the most significant threat to humanity and the broader ecology is met with denial and more worryingly, denial that the risk even exists.

As we stand in the doorway of an ecological crash so big, our generation is acting as a massive invading army on the hill does not exist. A threat is so significant that instead of grabbing our pitchforks and swords, we carry on, business as usual and hope it will go away.

I am ashamed to say that our village leaders, or do I mean world leaders are afraid to tackle the problem in case they upset the villagers, or do I mean the voters. Politicians and the mainstream media have done an excellent job of sweeping the issue under the carpet of trivial stuff to distract the people from the sizeable threatening army approaching on the hill. Don’t look that way, look this way, and amazingly the distracting tactics used by our village leaders is working.

I am thoroughly ashamed to say that this generation is walking around the planet happily in denial as the predicted erratic weather patterns, floods, droughts and super-massive hurricanes continue to worsen at a rate far worse than even predicted five years ago.

Deep down everyone knows the outcome, but it’s more comforting to carry-on as usual. The trillions of pounds of tax revenues we have ploughed into our military, cannot help us now.

We face threats to our survival by creating bigger and better swords, but we can see through the corners of our eyes that the terrible threat was now coming down the hill, cannot be beaten with swords. No military operation, no advancement in military equipment can beat this almost invisible force now poised against us.

But it is not invisible, we can all see it, even if we choose not to believe it.

We as a generation are more used to inter-village fighting. We have in the past even worked together with other villages to neutralise a threat from a more powerful town than ourselves. We still bask in that glory even today, but the danger approaching us now is far more significant than even the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan, yet even at the last hour, I still hear talk that it’s not there.

As our crops begin to fail, our village elders try to reassure us that next year’s crops will be better. The burnt ashes of this year’s crop will enhance growth for next year. Amazingly this tactic seems to be working, and people seem to be looking forward to the future. It will all be better in the future I hear time and time again.

This situation has happened many times before, from the increasing ground shakes of Pompeii to even far in the past as the great flood. Denial, ridicule and business, as usual, is the human way of coping, but by just dealing, we undoubtedly put ourselves, our children and our future generations at risk.

As the full force of environmental disaster takes hold, unfortunately for our villagers, very few survive. Their swords were rendered useless and the few survivors left can only scratch out a meagre living for the remainder.

The future’s written because human behaviour in fear of overwhelming threats will always pretend that the danger is not there, which unfortunately for my son, your children and grandchildren, means the heating of our planet and the consequences that come with it, will play out to its ultimate conclusion.

So through the sands of time, I pass on this message to my son. Sorry we messed up, we all knew the danger, and we let ourselves get distracted by irrelevant politics, irrelevant celebrity news and we let our politicians convince us that, it would be all made alright if we all just go shopping. I know it sounds crazy to you now, but this is what it is like living in 2012 today.

Our leaders are only concerned with getting the deficit down, and nothing is ever mentioned anymore about getting the carbon down, yet they still find money to fund their military operations.

Everyone just wants more of what caused this problem in the first place.

Sorry son.

"Light is life."

Stuart Lovatt 2013-05-17
Founder of Power My Home.