Solar panels today and installation day.

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EV charging with PV solar panels in the UK.

Solar panels today

Modern PV solar panel systems can produce and store for nighttime or electric vehicle use of up to 4,200 kWh annually.

Geographical and system variables apply.

The Smart Export Guarantee allows you to sell your surplus on the open energy market.

Domestic solar panel installation quotes.

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The basics

In 1839, French physicist Antoine-Cesar Becquerel observed the photovoltaic effect while experimenting with electrodes. He realised his experiment was creating voltage in the sunshine.

Today's, silicon PV solar panels turn those electrons into usable and storable voltage.

Do you have a South, SW, SE facing roof space?

If yes, your home's orientation to the sun sounds perfect for solar panels.

Do you have a thatched roof?

Roof-mounted solar panels cannot be installed. Would ground-mounted be an option?

Conservation area/area of outstanding beauty or listed property?

If yes, then please consult with your local planning office first.

Do you have a Combi boiler?

Solar heating technology is not viable. Go to PV.

Do you have a hot water storage tank?

If yes, solar heating may be viable.

Do you have an oil-based heating system?

If yes, solar heating panels will be beneficial.

"As prices vary across the industry, I strongly recommend getting a comparative quotation."

Know your rights

Never be afraid to ask for clarification if you don't understand. A good company will always be patient and helpful.

"Curtains will twitch, but installation day should cause only a minimum disruption to your home."

Installation day

Survey - Some companies do a technical review of your home when quoting, and some don't. Don't allow any work to commence before this is complete. This procedure ensures an install is possible before any work begins.

Scaffolding - For access to your roof, a company will build a frame up to the guttering level. This procedure ensures a safe working platform for the installers, and depending on the scaffolding company - should be removed within a few days of completion.

Installation day - Enjoy your first cup of tea made with your PV-powered electricity. You have now joined a growing army of people who benefit from solar panels around the world.

The first few days - A notable and common aftereffect of installing solar panels is the performance checking. Many try to resist, but unfortunately, the temptation to keep checking the output of your system in different weather conditions is too insuppressible.

The first few months - Now you've finally got your daily performance checking under control, but inquisitiveness still exists with the changing of the seasons.

The first year - Now you're beginning to see the fruits of your investment. With the bills falling on your welcome matt diminished and your feed­in tariff generating income, your decision to install solar panels now seems like a stroke of genius.

"Your astute decision to install solar panels now seems like a stroke of genius as you generate an income daily."


Nighttime energy freedom with battery storage.

Today's battery storage devices in the UK market are tried and tested around the world. PV with battery storage is an additional option to benefit from your solar power 24/7.

The water feels lovely with tank heating.

PV-to-hot water converters heat your hot water tank by diverting your sun-powered electricity toward your heating coil. This addition eliminates the need to use your boiler for a good proportion of the year.

Free mileage for your electric vehicle.

Adopting electric vehicle technology is an astute move, but powering your car with photovoltaics is genuinely genius - Real freedom with every petroleum-free mile.

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