Solar Sto talks solar panels.

"I empowered the earliest solar adopters and continue to offer my experience today."

Stuart Lovatt talks solar panels

"Fantastic is a word I hear all the time. Power My Home is my decades of experience in the UK's solar industry manifested to help people navigate the marketplace.

My journey down this road was exploratory at first, as yours is today. The sense that everyone should have these never dissipated and so my decades-long enthusiasm was born.

Back then, I created Heat My Home because the solar heating industry was a wild west of terrible technology and installers during this period. Determined to help those earliest solar adopters, I showcased the best technologies while directing people to more reputable installers during those embryonic days.

I'm proud to have supported the BRE regulation rollout that made Britain a world leader in installation standards and sales etiquette. I'm happy to report that Power My Home inspired 35,131 new solar panel installations since 2004 while working alongside some of the largest solar companies.

I was commended for my work in 2010 by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, and whose perseverance created the world-leading industry. Today, I help new adopters get a better deal and original adopters pursue ancillary products.

Self-generation may bring an exciting chapter to your story.

I'm fully-charged and here to help."

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

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