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Solar heating panels and installations were the original solar technology

Generate hot-water with traditional solar heating panels. Also known as flat-plates, these heat water and reduce immersion coil usage.

In a nutshell.

Installing solar heating panels is just like converting a car into a hybrid that runs on LPG. After the initial investment, your home will operate efficiently while extending boiler life.

From March to October your boiler won't need to be switched on while in winter time, it will reduce its operating times.

The science bit.

Solar panels heat-up due to short-wave radiation output converting to long-wave radiation on impact.


Temperature: 40-80° Celcius.
Pressure: 3 bar.

We recommend installing PV solar panels working alongside a heating converter to heat water.

PV & water heating

"There are an estimated 290,000 homes with solar heating panels in the UK currently."

Solar water heating panels in the UK.

A different perspective.

Long before photovoltaics became popular, solar heating had been King for many decades.

People incorporate a Velux-style integration to take advantage of diffused sunlight that occurs naturally on the planet.

Free water heating from the sun is not for everyone. The problem is that many people have Combi boilers with no storage tank. If this is your situation, then I would recommend PV solar panels instead.

A common misconception about solar panels is that they only work on hot sunny days. This myth is untrue, although they do operate at peak temperatures on such a day.

The benefits of free hot water for most days of the year for the next three decades cannot be understated. As more people encounter high energy bills, solar panel adopters will keep those outgoings low far into the future.

All solar panels today are required to be installed by approved MCS solar panel installers using certified equipment to give peace of mind.

Questions about solar heating panels

Roof orientation?

Most homes are suitable. If you have an S/SE/SW or east/west facing roof space, then great. Your internal plumbing needs to be checked for compatibility too.

Find local MCS installers. Check your roof orientation.

What do solar heating panels cost?

The cost of a solar heating system depends on several factors. Your water tank size determines the number of tubes required though.

Find local MCS installers. We only recommend PV

How does it work well in the UK?

The UK receives 60% of the sun's radiation compared with the equator. Each square metre of the UK receives between 900 to 1,300 kWh annually of the sun's radiation each year.

How do solar heating work?

What about combi boilers?

Combi boilers aren't possible in most cases. We would need to re-install a hot water tank. Most homes with Combi's won't have the space to install a hot water tank.

Can I install solar heating myself?

In most cases no. However, if you're Part P electrical accredited, then it may be possible to install in a DIY capacity.

All solar heating panel installations must be carried out and commissioned by an accredited MCS-installer only.

Is there a danger that it could get too hot?

The system may never rise above 85° Celcius.

Can you upgrade my hot-water tank?

Older 'copper' hot water tanks run exceptionally inefficiently, especially after many years of use. Limescale will reduce performance even further.

When installing a solar heating system, it's essential to establish a modern more efficient tank to get the most out of your system.

Does it contribute towards my central heating?

We would need to check your management system is suitable. In most cases, solar heating can contribute to your central heating via underfloor heating.

How long will it take you to install?

Two or three days in most cases.

Do I require planning permission?

Listed buildings, conservation area homes, national parks may require permission. Please consult with your local planning officer.

How long will I be without running water?

Normally only 4-5 hours.

Do solar heating panels work on cloudy days?

This question depends on the density of the cloud. In average cloud density, solar panels use passive energy. With dense cloud cover, probably not.

Can you upgrade my hot-water tank?

Does your tank has an unused twin-coil? In most cases, we update the hot water tank to allow a secondary connection to the evacuated tube system.

How much CO2 will my system save?

Around half a tonne each year, but this is dependent on how much hot water gets used and how you heat the water at present.

How long do solar heating panels last?

A system will easily last twenty-five years.

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