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Why you need Smart Meter RF protection for your home?

I originally developed this website to help people understand solar panels. Today, I feel it's important to warn people of the dangers of S.M.A.R.T. technology.

Why do you need Smart Meter RF protection?

RF = Radio Frequency is a type of microwave.

Smart electricity meters were rolled out over the last few years, but you hear very little about their RF being overpowered by as much ninety-five percent.

It may come as a shock to most, that their (so-called) Smart electricity meter is putting their own life, family, and neighbours health at risk. It's heartbreaking that power companies that install these devices have no regard for customers' health.

Unlike solar panels, these types of technologies have no long-term safety studies or data.

Common symptoms:

Smart Meter/WIFI protection is available here.

"Health implications are real, measurable, and harmful. Yet rather easy to defeat when you're educated and equipped."

Faraday protection.

Purchase Our faraday protection cover reduces exposure to high levels of Radio Frequency while still allowing the device to work.

Ideally, it's best not to adopt it in the first place as there is no legal requirement. This is for homes that may have already adopted it, or with neighbours who did. A faraday protection cover solves this problem.

A word to the wise.

The home should be a bubble of safety but this is no longer the case with today's Smart Meters.

Thus, in addition to our faraday protection cover solution, you can also use RF-resistant paint on your walls to minimise the impact from your neighbours Smart Meter.

Additionally, warn your neighbours too, as this will help reduce your exposure to their emissions. Community awareness reduces community exposure to these frequencies.

I'd say their design and deployment are unethical. Awareness of this, allows you to protect yourself and educate those around us too.

Your health is your wealth.

Why do energy companies push Smart Meters?

In a nutshell, for power and control.

There are claims made about Smart Meters that don't hold water under scrutiny. Safe and smart are just two.

A warrant is required to cut off supply (for whatever reason). Once a Smart Meter is installed, your power company can cut you off remotely.

Additionally, these meters are equipped to ration the amount of power each home consumes. A well-documented aspiration in World Economic Forum literature and Smart City/Green New Deals.

Selling data about your usage/movements and daily cycles is on the cards too. If you want to understand this, this is similar to honey-trap tactics employed by Social Media, to tempt people and allow them to mine and sell your information.

The Smart in Meter is reserved for the vendor, not for the consumer!

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