PV solar panels and installations in the UK.

PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels with a battery storage installation.

Solar panel suitability.

24-hour sunshine is now achieved with PV solar panels and battery storage

PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and battery storage allow homes to squirrel away surplus power to offset the cost of an installation. This addition means the magic of solar panels comes with evening and nighttime usage.

In a nutshell:

65% of energy costs are racked-up in the evening. Battery storage lasts approx ten years and another decade at around 80% of the original capacity.

Lithium Ion Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, is preferable to Cobalt batteries, because they do more charge cycles. The system is designed to switch between devices seamlessly. It's extremely satisfying powering your evening fun.

Battery storage can be found here.

I postponed installing solar panels for many years until storage showed up.

How many hours does battery storage offer?

Several, but this depends on the level of appliance demand.

How long do the batteries last?

Typically, 6000 recharging cycles from a drain to full charge, but could be as much as 8000 depending on drainage routine. The system will switch between devices on-demand and seamlessly automatically.

Can I still use Economy 7?

Yes. Ensure to make the installation team aware that you have Economy 7, so they can draw from the grid rather than the battery after 11 pm.

Is it easy to install?

Battery storage installations come with minimum fuss. DIY installations aren't possible because of Part P electrical requirements. Work alongside a local sparky to self-install.

Go solar.

Self-generated power has always been the cheapest form of power. Battery storage provides a more substantial amount of your self-sufficiency. A complimentary technology for many PV owners in the UK.

In 2021, the savings from battery storage was calculated at approx 520 plus GBP per year. Calculations beyond this year are difficult due to geopolitical and inflationary variables. Geographical and usage variables apply.

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