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Energy freedom.

EV charging capabilities with PV solar panels in the UK.

PV & EV-charging.

PV solar panels and EV-charging.

EV-charging using PV solar panels

PV solar panels are bringing the power of the sun to the electric vehicle industry. Astute EV-owners are charging their cars with solar power.

A solar-powered car, what's not to love?

In a nutshell:

Free mileage.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing at an unprecedented rate. The rise of EV's also gets boosted by PV solar panels paving the way to free-charging.

PV solar-generated electrons go toward your charge-point and free motor mileage.

Installation grants.

The UK government has the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme for EV adopters! This scheme offers a 350 GBP grant to install a charge point with a PV installation.

"Free EV-charging made easy."

Questions about PV and EV-charging

Will they generate all the power to charge my EV?

If you're able to time your EV-charge during sunshine hours, then it is entirely plausible to generate the majority of your mileage from the sun. However, this depends on your household demands when charging.

Do I need planning permission?

No. Domestic charging consoles are compliant with all building regulations and suitable without planning permission.

Can consoles be used with all electric vehicles?

Yes. Every electric vehicle currently on the UK market can charge quickly from our two leads console during the day. Even using a standard 13 amp standard socket could fully charge overnight too.

Can charge point consoles be installed in a garage?

Yes, consoles can be installed indoors or outdoors and designed to withstand northern European weather conditions.

Can I self-install an EV-charging point?

Part P accreditated tradespeople are qualified. Alternatively, find a local electrician if you wish to purchase an EV-charge point without our professional installation service.

Can I use a charging point for other reasons?

Charge points double up as a traditional electric socket. This additional extra is ideal for home or garden maintenance, charging mobility scooters etc.

Is your charge point future proof?

Yes, it's easily upgradable to a full Mode three fast-charge format in addition to upgrading kits if you decide to increase the number of electric cars in your household.

How much does a PV/EV-charge point installation cost?

The cost of an EV-charge point complemented by a household PV solar panel installation depends on several factors.

When wiring an EV-charge point, we look for the electric board's age and ability. Some household electrical boards and wires may require updating to meet modern safety standards.

How long does a charge point last?

The robust design allows us to guarantee the installation for ten years, but the life expectancy is easily double that.

Can I choose where to install?

Yes, although we install near as possible to the location of your parked car. It's the proximity and wiring routed to your mains electricity output to your preferred EV charger location is essential to consider.

How soon can you install?

Our nationwide network of installers are very accommodating and in most cases will allow you to choose a preferred installation date.

What maintenance is required?

No routine maintenance is required.


Interestingly, a fully charged EV, can power an average home for two days.

Currently, some EV-owners charge their cars during off-peak nighttime periods for lower charging costs. More astute people charge during the day with PV solar panels.

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"I would like to tell you how satisfied I am with the PV solar system you installed. I was informed as to what was going on, and the people that I dealt with were all very pleasant. Once again I want to thank you for the system that will not only save me money but will also make me money."
Mrs. Holmes, Swindon.

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