PV solar panels and installations in the UK.

EV charging with PV solar panels.

Solar panel suitability.

Use your photovoltaic solar panels to charge your EV with sunshine

Charging the car with solar panels using this device can bring the power of the sun for EV owners with a PV system already installed.

EV charging draws significant amounts of power, so ensure a free charge via your solar panels by not importing that power demand from the costly grid.

In a nutshell:

Electric vehicles vary, and some are more frugal with power than others. Solar charging is the answer to expensive EV charging.

A transmission line's resistance is 66% when generating electricity for a charge point from the generation source. So you need to divide a Tesla's charging amount of 56 kW by 33% to get the 'actual' power required to charge. 169 Kwh!

Solar charging can be found here.

I use my washing machine or charge my car when the sun shines.

Will solar panels give me all my mileage?

If you're able to time your EV-charge during sunshine hours, then it is entirely plausible to generate the majority of your mileage from the sun. However, this depends on your household demands when charging.

Do I need planning permission?

No. Domestic charging consoles are compliant with all building regulations and suitable without planning permission.

Can it be used with all modern vehicles?

Yes. Every electric vehicle currently on the UK market can charge quickly from our two leads console during the day. Even using a standard 13 amp standard socket could fully charge overnight too.

Can I use a charging point for other reasons?

Charge points double up as a traditional electrical socket. This additional extra is ideal for home or garden maintenance, charging mobility scooters, etc.

Is your charge point future proof?

Yes, it's easily upgradable to a full Mode three fast-charge format in addition to upgrading kits if you decide to increase the number of electric cars in your household.

How long does a charge point last?

The robust design allows us to guarantee the installation for ten years, but the life expectancy is easily double that.

Go solar.

Currently, some EV-owners charge their cars during off-peak nighttime periods for lower charging costs. More astute people charge during the day with PV solar panels. A complimentary technology for many PV owners in the UK.

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