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Energy freedom.

PV solar panels made easy.


PV solar panels and EV-charging.

Solar panels made easy

The decision to install may be a big one, but the choice to keep throwing money at increasingly expensive traditional energy - isn't small either!

Today, the benefits of installing solar panels far exceed the reasons to not.

Do you have a South, SW, SE facing roof space?

If yes, your home's orientation to the sun sounds perfect for solar panels.

Do you have a thatched roof?

Roof-mounted solar panels cannot be installed on thatch. Would ground-mounted be an option?

Conservation area or listed property?

If yes, then please consult with your local planning office first. If no, then its straightforward to install.

Do we get enough sunshine?

Solar panels do work in diffused light conditions.

Each square metre of the UK receives between 900-1400 kWh annually.

Monthly breakdown:

PV solar efficiency in the United Kingdom.

Compare sizing:

PV solar-generated annual outputs.

Monthly is based on a south-facing 4 kW system in Derbyshire. Excess power is exported and remunerated with an export tariff and/or stored for nighttime.


Does your property face south.
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Installation day.

Day #1.

Enjoy your first cup of tea made with PV-generated electricity.

You've now joined a growing army who benefit from solar panels - worldwide!

The first few days.

A notable and common aftereffect of installing solar panels is performance checking. Many try to resist, but unfortunately, the temptation to keep checking the output (in varying weather conditions) is too strong.

The next months.

Now you've got your daily performance checking under control, but inquisitiveness still exists with the changing of the seasons.

The decades ahead.

Now you're beginning to see the fruits of your investment.

With the tiny bills and your export tariff income, your decision to install solar panels now seems like a stroke of genius.

Let's get you a quote.

"A PV investment is not just for today, it's for the decades to come."

Solar panel quotes.

"I was surprised by how easy the installation process was. It was smooth and hassle-free. My thanks, a highly professional job on both occasions."
Mr. Jones, Northwich

MCS PV solar installers network for the UK.

"We empowered the earliest PV pioneers and continue to help homeowners following in their footsteps."

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