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Schematics thermodynamic solar panels

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Thermodynamic solar panels are a hybrid way of using heat pump technology.

Thermodynamic solar panels, installations and schematics.

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How does this work?

Two alternative technologies in one

If you want to see for yourself, how a thermodynamic system works, then just put your finger over the hole of a cycle tyre pump. Make your finger create a seal and push down the plunger.

Voila! The metallic screw thread on the cycle pump will feel hot.

This well-established technology used worldwide in millions of commercial buildings and homes - that generate heat for water and space heating at a much lower cost than conventional heating methods.

Although I don't have them myself (because of several reasons), I am happy to report from various sources, that they are working well and saving companies endless amounts of money and energy.

Conventional heat pumps indirectly use solar energy via atmospheric heat but imagine if you could harness the sun's power in a 'direct' manner, then it would be the alternative technology equivalent of the turbocharger for cars.

Adding black solar panels give the advantage of harvesting direct sunlight to enhance the effects of the compression that sends heat to your heating system.

One issue to consider when installing thermodynamic solar panels is the lack of incentives on offer. Things may change in the future, but at the moment, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme that offers a feed-in tariff for flat-plate and evacuated tubes don't certify thermodynamic technology yet.

With that said, this pioneering technology is likely to keep growing in popularity as people around the world continue to find alternative ways of reducing dependence on increasingly costly fossil fuels.

We have been proud to work alongside the original solar pioneers, and I will watch with interest as thermodynamic panels begin to appear on rooftops, just like conventional solar panels which have become popular over the last few years.


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