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Schematics for solar heating panels

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In-roof solar heating panels are a brilliant way to reduce energy dependence.

Solar water heating panels, installations and schematics.

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How does this work?

Tanks full of free hot water.

Long before photovoltaics, solar heating has been incorporated into our history for thousands of years.

Even more recently, people have incorporated glass windows into their architecture, to take advantage of solar heating by placing windows on a southerly orientation.

Smart architects take full advantage of free heating from the sun within their creations today, but even if you're not lucky enough to build your own 'grand design' project, you can still use the power of the sun to reduce your dependency on our 'costly' modern energy network.

Buildings used as solar energy collectors is one thing, but the ability to condense down the sun's power into a usable source of energy for water heating is another, but with the aid of modern materials and components, the radiation that hits your roof can be utilised to heat your daily hot water requirements.

Although I don't have flat-plate panels in use my own home, I can advocate their benefits through its technological brother called evacuated tubes - that work on the same principle. My knowledge of flat-plate panels also come from working with a well-established German panel manufacturer where I worked alongside installers who routinely attach them to various roofing types either in an on-roof or in-roof styles.

Now, this system is not for everyone, and one of the problems encountered today is with people who have had a Combi boiler installed in recent years and lost their storage tank. If this is your situation, then I would recommend photovoltaic solar panels instead.

The tens of thousands of people who increasingly invest in solar panels, each year, do so as a long-term benefit. The need to rely less on conventional fuel types keeps coming up time and time again.

For those that do choose flat-plate solar panels - a common reason is aesthetics or the need to camouflage, integrate or conceal the system into the design of the house. The Velux style integration that in-roof panels provide retrofit homes with the ability benefit from solar technology without making it too visible.

Alongside modern thermal water tank technology, both elements working together can give you bountiful amounts of free hot water for most days of the year for the next three decades at least.

I initially began my road down the solar panel route because of the disturbing realisation that the natural flow oil and gas we have all become accustomed to, are becoming a lot more unstable and costly as more of the world's nations compete for less.

As more people encounter higher and unaffordable energy bills dropping on their welcome mats, we solar panel adopters can rest assured that the power of the sun will continue to keep ours down far into the future.


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