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PV solar panels, EV's and battery storage

Forward-looking people with PV solar panels (photovoltaic) can enjoy the benefit of generating hot water, electricity and EV (electric vehicle) mileage for free. PV technologies are an invaluable part of life in the 21st-century for many people.

*PV solar panels are now
the cheapest form of power

*Compared to traditional energy over PV's thirty-years lifespan.

Power My Home is a resource and tool to encourage PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and EV (electric vehicle) uptake in the United Kingdom.
"Benefit from my knowledge accrued over
eighteen years of supporting the UK's
PV solar industry."

PV solar panels (photovoltaic).

Technology that lasts longer than your mortgage.

PV solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels operate even on cloudy days in the UK, and some cases heat up your hot water tank. These are the most popular form of sun-powered technologies today and will still be generating for their owners in three decades.

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PV solar panels & EV-charging.

Drive a photovoltaic-powered electric vehicle.

This game-changing technology can be combined with photovoltaic PV solar panels to produce free motoring miles to families across the UK. EV-charging points installed with or without PV solar panels.

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MCS solar panel installers

Feed-in tariff closes to applicants 1st April 2019.

All our MCS installers are RECC members and work throughout England, Scotland and Wales. All MCS installers have an ethical attitude in today's solar industry.

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We love solar panels.

"PV solar panels and EV's (electric vehicles) work brilliantly together to free people from the rising costs of living in the 21st-century."

PV solar panels & water heating.

Photovoltaic-powered hot water tank heating.

Evacuated tubes and flat-plate panels were the most common form of solar heating up until the advent of PV-powered heating converters. This almost magical technology uses the excess electricity from your photovoltaic panels to keep your hot water tank heated. Amazingly, this is usually power that you'll be paid for by the feed-in tariff incentive scheme.

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PV solar panels and water tank heating converters.

PV solar panels & battery storage.

Power of the sun day & night.

PV (photovoltaic) solar panels with battery storage capabilities are taking off globally and that ultimately allows solar technology to use day and night. The breakthroughs made recently with this technology have been significant, but incorporating storage has to be the most game-changing.

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PV solar panels with a battery storage system.

Evacuated solar tubes.

Used for heating water tanks.

Evacuated solar tubes are an alternative water heating system, developed especially for northern European countries. Vacuum heating tubes use the sun's radiation, to heat your tank or swimming pool and contrary to popular belief, actually work throughout all four seasons.

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Solar heating panels.

Like a Velux style window.

Use the sun to generate hot water with solar heating panels. Also known as flat-plates, these are popular with households who have a hot water storage tank that requires vast amounts of electricity to run. People have been astute at reducing energy demands with this technology.

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Thermodynamic solar panels.

Heat-pump and solar heating.

Thermodynamic solar panels are a hybrid technology that takes over from your boiler's job of heating your hot water and central heating. This technology considerably reduces the use of expensive fuels to heat your home. This system can work anytime day and night.

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Thermodynamic solar panels and installers in England, Scotland and Wales

"My prime motivation was I wanted to see if I could be self-powered in north London in a cloudy rainy country. If I can do it, so can the world."

How does PV work?

PV solar panels & battery storage.

There are brilliant battery storage systems on the UK market that are tried and trusted around the world. PV solar panels and battery storage devices are an option to consider in addition to the current feed-in tariff incentives. Our trusted installers will be able to advise you on both options.

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PV solar panels to hot-water.

PV to hot water converters can heat up a traditional hot water tank using a smart device that diverts some of your generated daytime electricity toward your heating coil. It eliminates the need for your boiler to heat your water and is an additional way of benefiting from this fantastic technology.

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Work on most cloudy days.

A time-served installer once told me this analogy for thinking about electricity in the network.

"Exported electricity is a bit like cats! It goes wherever the food is best."

In reality, it's just electrons bouncing up and down a cable. They leave your house because your home does not need them and head for straight to the nearest source that does, usually your neighbours.

The need to reduce dependence on imported power should be your motivation for installing a PV solar panel system. Different people have widely varying reasons ranging from the familiar aspects to preparing for retirement.

I think, remaining entirely dependent on the network, mainly long-term would be a mistake. One thing I have learned since I have been working on this Power My Home project is how delicate the global energy market is. Climate, terrorism, wars, global politics and many other unforeseen events have the potential to disrupt what we have all become so accustomed.

They say "forewarned is forearmed" and it is this that I ask you to consider when pondering if you should purchase an installation. Revolutionising the way you think of energy is paramount, and since I have thrown myself into the world of solar panels, the number of homes with them on their roofs have shown me that many other people think the same too.

The key to a successful solar panel installation is research. That is why I develop this website as a useful resource for enthusiasts.

Always get three quotes, never sign up for "special deals on the night" and compare what type of PV panels you are installing on your roof. Photovoltaic panels can vary on performance and price, but I am pleased to announce that over the years, I managed to help tens of thousands of people contact trustworthy installers and get quality panels at a reasonable price.

Your current energy supplier can only guarantee your import costs for a couple of years at the most. Time to find a more long-term solution.

"Switched on people recognise the futility of Switch N' Save and are walking away using alternative technologies."

PV solar panels and EV uptake in the UK.

A PV and EV vision unfolding

The drive to be the biggest green energy economy is on with PV solar panels.

Germany with a similar climate to the UK has already won that accolade, as they produce so much power from wind and solar panels that they export excess power to neighbouring countries for free.

This increase in alternative generation also led to a marked decrease in coal-based electricity generation.

Just take a moment to digest those facts.

This week, more justification of my dogged and somewhat baffling (to some) determination to see the solar technology's rightful place in our progression, has come in thick and fast this week with some of the most influential people in the world.

The reality that the world is dealing with the facts of its problems and finally pushing the human race forward, despite the UK dragging its feet like a belligerent toddler with a sugar addiction.

You want Coal, they or their families own the mines. You want Oil and Gas; they own the wells. You want Nuclear; they hold the Uranium. You want solar power, unsurprisingly, they say solar isn't feasible because they can't meter the sun.

Surprisingly, not everyone in Britain shares this future vision, only because solar-power cannot be controlled or metered for profit. Unfortunately, we in the UK live in a media-controlled land, led by politicians and media barons with allegiances to keeping the fossil burning.

So the next time you hear someone say "Solar panels don't work well in the UK", you can almost guarantee that they get their thoughts, tastes and attitudes from newspaper barons who have personal financial interests in continuing the status quo.

And that's how you ended up with frackers on your doorstep.

In fact, in this crazy economic model, they have intertwined the baby boomers pension funds with the continued burning of dead dinosaurs. That's the real reason newspaper owners spread misinformation about this alternative technology.

Through no fault of their own, pensioners are now in a situation, where they are reliant on a system that holds back human progress and destroys the future of their predecessors.

However, the tide is now turning, and countries and manufacturers are investing in green-technologies to kick-start the 21st century finally.

I would love to think that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel and many other of the world's most visionary world leaders are following my romantic lead, but I suspect the truth is down to a fact of inevitability.

Despite this, that wasn't obvious even twelve years ago when I first began putting Power My Home together in my spare time, and I continue this vital work to this day.

My own stubborn and dogged determination to prove naysayers wrong, including the last government who did everything in their power to destroy a fledgeling solar industry - drives me today.

And that brings me to EV technology.

As the UK is still coming to terms with the fact that solar panels; do work, German manufacturers and others worldwide have already been steaming ahead with research and development to tap the potential that solar panels can offer.

Only five years ago, when your photovoltaic system produced surplus energy, the only choice you had was to export that power to the National Grid. Today, new developments in solar technologies mean your PV solar panels can heat your hot water tank, charge your new EV car and even store power with new solar battery storage capabilities for night time usage.

The traditional 'centralised' energy model that our media barons have been so determined to hang onto is being eroded away, despite their political meddling and misinformation.

But, the real solar salesmen will be your high energy bills as the promises made by fracking fail to materialise and the mega higher cost of nuclear-based electricity that our esteemed leaders have recently signed us up for - begin to bite.

However, the real benefits of solar panels and new associated technology's will come apparent as the current glut on the world's oil market begins to subside. Suddenly, the super smooth, super fast acceleration that comes with a new electric vehicle will get your juices flowing.

Charge your new EV alongside PV solar panels, and the free mileage will just seem super-sensible.

Despite the bungling of our recent government's 'green energy' policies, a brighter and solar-powered future is now unfolding before our very eyes.

I'm proud that I supported this game-changing technology, even in the darkest of its days.

I hope you can now see the benefits of these new and exciting technologies and adopt them into your life too.

In a nutshell.

Reducing reliance; promoting energy independence.

Astute and 'switched on' people recognise the futility of Switch N' Save and are walking away using alternative technologies.

The UK energy industry will miss your 'high-cost' annual energy expenditure, but you won't miss paying it.

PV solar panels and EV's (electric vehicles) work brilliantly together to free people from the rising costs of living in the 21st-century.

My enthusiasm for PV solar panels has never wained and grown exponentially alongside the global demand.

I aim to make installing PV solar panels as easy as possible. Fifteen years of experience is all here for your benefit.

Drive through the next three decades without geopolitics affecting the cost of powering and heating your life.

Undoubtedly, the most unanticipated aspect of owning photovoltaics; is the pride felt when on your roof and charging your car.


"Forward with confidence."

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Power My Home.

The UK's only PV and EV installers network.
"Technology that lasts longer than your mortgage."
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