PV solar panels are now financially viable without subsidies.

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PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and today's incentives in the United Kingdom

PV electric solar panels have become a permanent solution to the problem of escalating energy costs that continue to rise year-on-year-on-year-on-year.

PV solar incentives.

PV solar panel incentives, grants, tariffs and not playing by the rules.

We're celebrating.

PV-tech has become subsidy-free in only fifteen years, in comparison to traditional energy whose subsidy hunger grows year-on-year.

Today, PV panel prices have halved while the outlook for UK energy prices is going the same way as rail fares.

PV solar panels give thirty plus years of service. This success has allowed the 'first' solar farms built without subsidy.

Energy savvy homeowners are following suit too.

The next step.

Research - Our nationwide network of trusted installers offers industry-leading technologies at reasonable prices.

Home suitability - Today, PV systems come in a variety of different types, sizes and configurations, so we ensure you get the maximum benefit.

Get quotes - We discuss your options so you will get the maximum benefit from a tailored-sized photovoltaic system.

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All our MCS installers are RECC members and work throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The Renewable Energy Consumer Code brings an ethical attitude to today's modern industry for peace of mind.

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"Today's lower panel costs alongside new plugins extra's help maximise PV over its three-decade lifespan."

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Myth busted!

2009/8 figures from The Department of Climate and Energy show Scotland and Yorkshire in 2010/11 being the most significant adopters of PV solar panels.

These accolades put to bed the misconception that solar panels don't work in the UK climate.

How much will I earn?

A tax-free return on investment of around 5%. More expected when used to charge a vehicle.

Will PV produce all my electricity needs?

In most cases no. However, it could do a substantial portion. All this depends on your consumption rate and the size of the solar PV panel system installed.

How much power can photovoltaics produce?

Each case is different due to geographical location.

An average PV solar installation would generate approximately 800 kWh/year per kW installed. A two KW system would produce around 1,600 kWh a year.

Why are the PV system's grid-connected?

Excess power you're not using, storing in battery storage, hot water tank heating or charging the car, will automatically feed into the power to the National Grid, and rewarded for your contribution.

Are the panels only installed on your roof?

PV panels can also be ground-mounted in aluminium frames within your garden/land or boundaries.

Who is doing this?

There is projected to be 64,000 domestic installations and 110,000 installations in the commercial and public sector by 2022.

What we look for:

How much will a system cost?

The cost of a photovoltaic installation depends on many factors. Our get a quote service will provide you with options and tailored quotations.

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In a nutshell.

We're about reducing reliance and promoting energy independence.

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