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Passionate about solar panels since 2004.

As a young boy scout, I got taught the value of preparedness. I, therefore, have a no-nonsense approach to helping others benefit from PV and EV (electric vehicle) technologies too.

I firstly want to dispel a common misconception that the northern European climates do not have enough sunshine for solar panels.

This mistake is incorrect because we receive 60% of what the tropical countries receive in solar radiation.

"There's nothing more powerful than when a technologies time has come."

From March to October, this technology is at its most efficient with users also gaining in the winter days too.

Once installed, you can either leave your existing boiler dormant for eight months with solar heating or generate income for the next 20 years plus with PV technology.

Many people are waking up to the fact that energy costs will continue to rise exponentially and alongside the feed-in tariffs, will make a solar panel installation a very sound investment indeed.

"The fight for civilisation's won;
The challenge of keeping it has just begun!"


"Feel the pride."

Solar Stu
Founder of Power My Home.

Solar Stu from Power My Home.

"Power My Home is a by-product of my enthusiasm for solar panels after seeing the benefits for myself."

For a crazy world.

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Solar Stu.

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Sunshine solar panels. Original 2004 Heat My Home logo. Established when solar heating was popular. Today PV is King.

A road towards PV solar panels

I can still remember that day like it was yesterday, the day I watched my first installation, and that was the day my love affair with solar panels began.

"A decade ago, solar panels were exotic technology, but today you see them everywhere. However, the thought of "why doesn't every home benefit from this?" has never left me."

Times were very different when I got introduced to this technology. Energy bills were still relatively cheap and what many now call 'the golden age of cheap energy' was only showing hints of coming to an end. Today we know differently, but with hindsight, maybe people should have prepared while the sun was still shining (pun intended).

Even today, people are only just waking up to the fact that was snookered with our national energy policies. Current government policies are risking our landscape, health and local environment with toxic fracking processes in a desperate attempt to keep the lights on, while families are spending more significant percentages of their household incomes on energy.

I advocate solar panels because they are a technology of independence.

Admittedly, they won't benefit you on a snowy day in February. However, neither will your family car, but that doesn't subtract from its usefulness for the rest of the year.

Solar panel technology will reduce your family's dependence on high rising energy costs - expected continually into your distant future. Additionally, grandchildren will one day ask what we did to prevent 'the environmental collapse', and I want to be able to say "I did something".

For anyone considering this technology, I would say this will be the best purchase you can make; not only this decade but the next couple of decades too. The geopolitical landscape is already shifting unrecognisably.

From my experience and others, we report that most solar installers are a credit to the industry. However, to ensure you install the most beneficial technology at the right price, I have created a network of 'trusted installers' who can help you connect the right technology for peace of mind.

Why I'm evangelical about solar panels?

For the road ahead.

When they train police interceptors advanced driving, one of the first skills they teach you is to see potential danger around you and observe further down the road. This capability should also be used to spot potential problems to our ability to heat and power our homes.

This reason is why the pioneers of solar panel technology choose to install. For more energy independence in a world of global political wrangling and uncertainties around energy security. These technologies super-long lifespan help to contribute to that goal individually and nationally as adoption rates increase.

PV technologies for investment.

With bank rates falling to as little as 1.0% on savings, you will almost certainly get a better return on investment with the feed-in tariff scheme - now available for both electric and heating solar panels.

However, be forewarned! The current incentives that give solar technology a significant return on investment at the moment will gradually reduce to newer adopters, as uptake increases. This is a window of opportunity that will not be around for later adopters.

Improved performance.

Over the last 50 years, solar technology has been refined and tweaked to a point where we can now get outstanding performance, even in the United Kingdom and more generally the northern hemisphere. The old myth that solar technology doesn't work well as a myth back then and even less accurate today.

These years of extensive research and development have brought this much-needed technology into our homes and will continue to do so as conventional fuels continue to become more expensive.

Feel the love.

Back in the 1950s, my grandad was lucky enough to be able to buy a new Volkswagen Beetle. Motorways were still a new phenomenon, so being able to take his family out on day-trips to the seaside when other families again relied on coach trips, must have filled him with much joy and pride.

My grandad loved that car so much that it was still in mint condition and much loved even when I grew up in the 1990s. There are not many technologies in life that can last so long and enthuse such pride in a family, but solar panels do just that too.

Solar Stu has been proudly creating socially-responsible websites since 1998 and also the founder of Lettings101 Reviews and Search. Passion for improving our civlisation is what drives his world.

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