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A South, South East or South West facing roof is ideal. Photovoltaics work even on cloudy days in the UK and each sq/m of your roof receives between 900-1300 kWh a year.

Sunshine solar panels. Today's PV systems can produce and store for night time/EV use up to 4,200 kWh annually.


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Sunshine solar panels. We're a network of enthusiasts with a longstanding passion for solar panel technologies.

Sunshine solar panels. Our technical knowledge is outstanding. Our ethical installers are amongst the most experienced installers in the country.

Sunshine solar panels. Our installers never put customers under any pressure to buy and have been happy to provide precise information to solar pioneers since 2004.

Sunshine solar panels. Carefully select products for domestic installations that offer value for money and robust warranties from brands trusted by industry-leading installers.

Sunshine solar panels. We don't believe in shiny suited salespeople.

Sunshine solar panels. I believe we tick all the boxes and that's we've been successful for over than a decade. We will continue to help solar adopters for decades to come.


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